#Navigramm: Episode 1


Esports plays a significant role in the life of modern youth. An esportsman is the main actor in this process. Any professional player, who has achieved significant results in this area, pays much attention to the trainings. However, let us not forget, that the life of esportsmen doesn't consist entirely of trainings. The first episode of our new column covers the activities of players and organization's employees beyond esports.


On the eve of the qualifiers of The International 2015, Ukraine Dendi doesn't lose heart, which is great taking into account uneasy way our Dota 2 team has to go through. Someone wrote in the comments that he'd shave his head, if Dendi wins at The International 2015. The fans of our team are ready to do anything only to see our team on the main event of the year.



Our HotS players has been pleasing us with their victories lately. DreamHack Tour is no exception! They won it. They celebrated! The players got attached to the prize cheque. Look at happy Sweden schwimpi, lying on the bed with the cheque.  



Before the flight to the UK our players are discussing something. Our CS:GO-squad has twice gone to London, so they got used to the beautiful monuments. By the way, UK capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Do you agree?
Speaking of monuments, here is the most known building of London - Big Ben. Before FACEIT matches our team visited Parliament square. Below is the photo of one of the main stars of Russian Counter-Strike and standing against one of the most important buildings in Great Britain. 
Ukraine Zeus and Ukraine Edward put on the helmets of London policemen. They'd make fine and fearsome law enforcement, wouldn't they? 
Before the flight to bootcamp, in the airport, the photo of Zeus, Edward and an unknown lady. Our fans joked: "minus Denis, plus granny. Or is she a new manager of Na`Vi?" 
How do our players have rest before the regular gaming day? Usual. Some spend time with a tablet computer, others make new selfie for Instagram. Smile!
If we hadn't known who stands with Zeus in the photo, we'd suppose it was a Viking. However, we know that it is an Australian player of Vox Eminor - Australia Havoc. If Edward goes on growing his beard, he'll catch up with the Australian. What are the pros of a beard? Beard signifies a strong decisive man. Moreover it enables a man to save time money as there's no need to buy shavers and to get up early in the morning. Use scissors instead. Grow your beard to be awesome!
Recently our CEO celebrated his birthday. Instead of staying in his home town, Ukraine ZeroGravity went to Italy. He chose a hard way by driving over 900 km from Sicilia to Rome in his car. Over 900 km! Who else is capable of doing it? 
Our new editor-in-chief, UkraineRostislav "Andersen" Grubi was at the crazy and tense semi-final match of UEFA Europa League between FC Dnipro and FC Napoli. Notwithstanding the rain, Dnipro won and will meet Sevilla in the final! 
Our main SMM manager is a pretty girl. Don't you think so?
Senia, our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster is a bit disheveled, but happy! 
"The work is in full swing", our office manager Maria Ovrachenko writes in her official account. The men are holding their heads not knowing what to do. This is normal situation for any work.
Smile! We're recording you. However, our creative director, Igor Karimov doesn't want to smile. He's discussing some serious things! 
Numerous interviews is uneasy job for a journalist. Yana decided to have a rest after a couple of interviews. 
The dream of any doter hangs in our head office. We hope that  Ukraine Natus Vincere will bring one more shield to Kyiv one day. Who knows... may be this year?
Our Dota 2 player, Russian Federation Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev celebrated his birthday on 16 May. We congratulate him on this great event and wish many victories in the foregoing qualifiers.
"Such little girl and such big Zeus" our fans write in comments. Dania chose his nick intentionally. Zeus is a god of sky, thunder and lightning. He's big and fearsome. That's how captain and leader looks like.
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