#Navigramm: Episode 2

Recently our CS:GO squad took the first place at SLTV StarSeries XIII, it being the first victory at pro-scene over a long period of time. Episode 2 of Navigramm will be devoted mainly to this joyful event. All the more, our Dota 2 squad is now having a small vacation before The International 2015.
The main rule of the winner is to take photo with a check. Ukraine Natus Vincere got 22 000 USD for the first place. Well, our guys out much efforts and emotions into it.
Esportsmen spend much time travelling. Our players don't waste their time, spending it usefully. For example, Ivan likes reading a lot.
Analyzing the past games. While Russian Federation flamie and Ukraine starix are passionately discussing something, Ivan stands or walks somewhere with his held head high. They said he looked as a king!



Aegis keychain is a dream for any Dota player. While not everyone in the world can't get the original prize of The International, anyone can buy such keychain at a small price. 



Let's recall these splendid moments of victory glory at SLTV StarSeries XIII once again. The guys are tired, yet happy. It's symbolic that the cup of the tournament, held in Ukraine, remained at home this time.



A team can't help winning when supported that passionately. Fans in Ukraine are most supportive.



Video published by Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)


Ukraine Natus Vincere's former player, and now the CS:GO caster, Ukraine Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko entertains his fans not only while casting matches, but also at his Instagram, when he puts on various funny costumes. This photo features Senia in seal costume. "Abrupt and dangerous Senechka, beautiful seal" as one of his fans said.



This is how our Dota 2 squad enjoys vacation before the main event of the year - The International 2015. For example, Ukraine Funn1k drinks cocktail in the sun.



The boy sadly watches Ukraine b2ru. "I took a horse from a child. Life is not always a candy», says Yana in her Instagram.



Our friendly office staff hangs out in bowling.



Our reporter takes one of the last photos in front of Kyiv's city sculpture. The sculpture depicts one of the most favorite cartoon heroes of our childhood - the hedgehog lost in the fog. The creators of the statute said it would be soon moved to another spot, which is yet unrevealed.



The summer is vacation time. Both the players and the staff are now having vacations, so there aren't many photos posted to Instagram. However in a month everything will change, so hopefully, the third episode will feature more amazing photos and pictures!

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