Na`Vi’s Guardian Angel

In all versions of Counter-Strike, the AWP is seen as one of the most difficult weapons to master, a weapon that can make a huge impact at any point of the game due to its high range, its damage and accuracy. Many people try to play with AWP, but most of them fail to use the weapon to its full potential. However, one person for whom the AWP is as familiar as the back of his hand is none other than Slovakia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács, Ukraine Na`VI’s AWPer of service for 2 years.
Even though GuardiaN, as an AWPer, is already a part of elite contenders who are renowned in all 3 versions of CS, this year seems to be one of the highlights in his career. He is constantly fragging against top teams and pulling off plays that make any CS:GO fan’s jaw drop on the floor. In the last CS:GO Major of the year, Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca, Ladislav was named MVP after having a tournament to remember. He had an amazing 1.51 K/D (Kill/Death) ratio, making him the first in that category. He killed 246 opponents - more than anyone in Cluj-Napoca, more entry frags than anyone else with 56. 
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He’s calm under pressure, has amazing reactions and ability to pull off shots that appear impossible to the common CS:GO player - all of those have been a staple that has marked GuardiaN’s long career. Respected by both friends and foes, there is no doubt that GuardiaN is indeed one of the best players that the game has seen, occupying 11th place in’s Top 20 CS:GO players list.
GuardiaN’s incredible skill on the AWP made a large contribution towards Na`Vi’s resurgence during the year of 2015 that culminated in last month’s IEM San Jose win where the team didn’t drop a single map to take home the trophy. During the tournament, GuardiaN had an amazing performance, leading the tournament in K/D ratio with an impressive 1.30 K/D, had more AWP kills than anyone else - scoring 78 kills. He also led the tournament in entry frags, being the first player to get a kill in 35 rounds. This performance combined with so many others along the year, including Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca and ESWC 2015, made him a strong contender for one of the best players in 2015.
There’s no telling what the future holds for Ladislav, but for now we can all enjoy his absurd plays and mind boggling expertise on the AWP that has made him one of the best players in the world. If, by any chance, you haven’t got the chance to see GuardiaN perform, here’re some highlights of his MVP performance at the last Major, where he lead Na`Vi to a 2nd place finish.
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