Na`Vi at DreamHack All-Stars Valencia


On 16 July, the first matches of one of the largest tournaments of this summer - DreamHack All-Stars Valencia - begin. At the event, the Born to Win will meet their constant rivals - Poland Gamers2 and Spain Team Liquid once again, along with a perspective International Team Roccat. The tournament's prize pool is $ 15 000.






Upper brackets final
0 InternationalNatus Vincere
0 PolandGamers2
3 Spain Team Liquid
Win Spain Team Liquid
2 PolandGamers2
2 SpainTeam Liquid
2 Spain Team Liquid
0 InternationalTeam Roccat
Lower brackets round 1
Lower brackets final
0 Poland Gamers2
0 International Natus Vincere
0 International Team Roccat
2 International Natus Vincere
2 InternationalNatus Vincere


Match schedule


Thursday, 16 July

Upper brackets 1st semifinal 11:15 CEST InternationalNatus Vincere [0:2] PolandGamers2

Upper brackets 2nd semifinal 13:15 CEST SpainTeam Liquid [2:0] InternationalTeam Roccat

Upper brackets final 15:15 CEST Poland Gamers2 [0:2] Spain Team Liquid

Lower brackets 1st round 17:15 CEST InternationalTeam Roccat [0:2] International Natus Vincere

Lower brackets final 19:15 CEST Poland Gamers2 [0:2] International Natus Vincere

Grand final 21:15 CEST Spain Team Liquid [3:0] International Natus Vincere



  • Brackets — double-elimination
  • All matches are played in bo3
  • Grand final is played in bo5


Prize pool:

top 1 place — Spain Team Liquid - $ 7 500

top 2 place — International Natus Vincere - $ 4 500

top 3 place — Poland Gamers2 - $ 3 000



Valencia (cat. València) is a city, located on the Medditerranean coast of Spain. 300 sunny days per year and +19ºС average temperature makes the city an ideal spot for visiting all around the year.  on Earth. No surprise Valencia was chosen a venue city for DreamHack.


The champions of previous DreamHack All-Stars:


The winners of the previous DreamHack All-Stars, held within the framework of DreamHack Summer 2015, was SpainTeam Liquid. The Spaniards once again proved that they are the leaders of European HotS-scene. The recent victory of InternationalNa`Vi нover the liquids gives us hope that our team will manage to catch up with the grands and eventually to overcome them! 




Ukraine Natus Vincere


Spain Team Liquid


Poland Gamers2


International Team Roccat

France Jerome «JayPL» Trinh
Sweden Pontus «Breez» Sjorgen
Sweden Simon «ScHwimpi» Svensson
Bulgaria ALeksandar «ethernal» Milanov
Bulgaria Lyubomir «Splendour» Kozlovski
France Cristofer «Blackscorp» Embareck
Spain Victor Sanchez «Falcon» Lopez
Spain Fran «GranPkt» Nunez
Spain Pedro Moreno «LucifroN» Duran
Spain Juan Moreno «VortiX» Duran
Poland Lukasz «Leofromkorea» Mirek
Poland Piotr «Nicker» Muzolf
Poland Bartocz «Szychu» Kosmacz
Poland Oskar «Jowe» Halamus
Poland Adrian «adrd» Wojcik
Germany Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider
Germany Finn "ShadowmaReX" Lasse Fries
Germany Giacomo "Socke" Thüs
Croatia Ivan "sportbilly" Koturic
France Survol_T


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