Na`Vi in a triple trouble!

Our team will be playing on 2 fronts today and battling against 3 different teams.

The clash of the legends image AL and image Na`Vi will start things off at 17.00 PM CET in It's Gosu's Monthly Madness! It's somewhat fair to say that both teams are "Legends" - Na`Vi as the team dominating the scene for the past year and Absolute Legends using a colourful name. ;) Their last two encounters finished rather disappointingly for the fans as our squad grabbed an Absolute win over their Aussie opponents. Can ex Natural 9 get a revenge? We'll find out at 17.00 PM CET!


Next up will be image GoSu for StarLadder Series which in my opinion will be the toughest team to face today as those boys have been absolutely on fire lately, scoring 6 consecutive wins in a row and most notably defeating image EG in a tense match-up. The Americans are definitely living up to the GoSu name and surely deserve their renown sponsor. Our last meeting was unpleasant for them but can we beat them again? Be sure to tune in at 19.00 CET and see for yourself!

The last opponent will be the International squad of image mousesports which despite their excellent play and fast-paced improvement have been posting some quite surprising results - losing to image DTS and image ex FnaticRaidcall. Their last game which was against EG is a gem in our short Dota 2 history though and we will most definitely go through the memoirs of the game reliving the amazing action.
The clash starts at 21.00 PM CET!

A lot of games to be played today, whether you decide to watch all matches or stick with one or two, it's all up to you, we at will as always keep you updated about our team's performance!


image English stream with Draskyl and Aysee for the match against image AL, 17.00 CET


image English stream with PurgeGamers for the matches against image GoSu and image mousesports, 19.00 CET and 21.00 CET



image Russian stream with v1lat for the matches against image GoSu and image mousesports, 19.00 CET and 21.00 CET


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