SL i-League S3: Na`Vi in the third phase

The new UkraineNa`Vi.G2A Dota 2 squad was announced a week ago, and soon our new team will be participating in their very first competition in StarLadder i-League Season 3, starting on the 24th of January in order to qualify for the main event.
Our team was directly invited to phase 3 of the Europe Qualifier, skipping the Open and Invitation qualifiers. We will face 7 other teams in Bo2 matches; the top 2 teams with most points will then qualify for the main event, taking place the 23rd of February in Shanghai with a total prize pool of 300 000 USD.
The matches for Phase 3 will take place from the 24th of January to the 4th of February, and we will be facing Russian, GreeceAd Finem, InternationalTeam Secret, InternationalTeam Liquid, SwedenAlliance, as well as two more participant names that are defined in the second qualifying phase. The games promise to be extremely intense and interesting. 
# Team Name
1. Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A
2. International Team Secret
3. Russian Federation
4. Greece Ad Finem
5. International Team Liquid
6. Sweden Alliance
7. The winner of the second stage
8. The winner of the second stage
How the games will go is hard to predict as up until now, the 5 declared opponents are strong contenders who have proven themselves in the last quarter of 2016. This will surely be a huge test for our new team, and the boys will certainly do their best.


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Gold 6 DisRespect 1
#1 pk fasihullah123 6 January 2017, 10:28
Go GO NAVI YOu can do it. Good luck team
Gold 46 Respect 1
#2 ua menowno 8 January 2017, 23:30
Yes first true match of the new squad to show what they can do in the 7.02patch :D
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