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Frankly speaking, I was going to write the final overview article about DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 straight after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive final (while the memory is still fresh). However, later I decided there was no need to rush. It's better to wait and cool down, and to publish the blog in the midweek.


Everything was organized great inside. I wish there'd been more viewers...


The announcement of a Romanian city Cluj-Napoca as the venue of the upcoming CS:GO major affected the gaming community. The negative reaction could've been predicted: trip to the capital of Transylvania is quite a challenge, while Romania is not a leading eSports country. I was lucky though: my home town is 300-350 kilometers away from Cluj-Napoca, so we got there by car without problem.


On the other hand the Romanian city had a number of advantages. First, there's an arena (Sala Polivalenta seats 10 000 people), suitable for such events. Second, Romania is a "cheap" country "from A to Z". Third, PGL organization works there. Its representatives did their most to conduct the event at the highest possible level. By the way, DreamHack Cluj-Napoca was organized really great: a huge scene and high quality production, large press zone with energy drinks and bananas, high-speed Internet.


PGL representatives tell journalists about the organization of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015


The visitors were disappointing a bit. The seats hadn't been filled until closer to the grand final. Before the matches had attracted three-four hundreds of viewers. The fact that none of Romanian teams participated in the event also resulted in poor attendance of the major. In the era of Counter-Strike 1.6 heyday, there were a couple of good medium level teams in Romania (TeGEqNeXtpleaseIGG). However, almost none of the "old school" players transferred to CS:GO. During the conversation on the eve of the final, the Romanian Сommunity Ambassador of complained that the local proscene today is almost dead and even the increasing popularity of CS:GO isn't capable of reviving it.


Natus Vincere took second place in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Our team went to the World Championship with a battle spirit, though it had been almost disbanded in a couple of weeks before the Romanian tournament due to a number of inner conflicts and discrepancies. It's good, that the guys had finally managed to meet the halfway and kept on playing without reshuffles, which eventually resulted in the deserved second place at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015. This is the best achievement of Natus Vincere for the whole history of CS:GO majors.


Natus Vincere players are preparing before an important match against Counter Logic Gaming, ceh9 watches the game and supports them


The Born to Win played four bo3 and two bo1 matches in total in Romania. Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko and his team won 7 maps and lost 4 maps, which is a very good result, taking into account the power of all the participating teams of the tournament. Which victories were the hardest to achieve? I guess the victory over BrazilLuminosity Gaming players, who were remarkable for their phenomenal shooting and strange choice of positions, rather than their tactics.


As concerns our players, don't forget that Natus Vincere is first of all a team of moods: if everything goes great and they catch their game the team can defeat any line-up in the world. Otherwise if the players will loose their focus and a couple of rounds in a row in a stupid way, it can easily be defeated by a weaker rival.


The main advantages of Natus Vincere is synergy, organization, clear team cooperation and good shooting of Russian Federation seized and Russian Federation flamie. Na`Vi 's substantial dependence on the play of Slovakia GuardiaN, the team's main AWP, is both weak and strong aspect of our line-up. Sometimes Slovakian sniper is capable of almost solo elimination of the rival's players, while he would at times make a streak of mistakes in decisive rounds. For example, Ladislav overplayed talented snipers United States jdm64 from CLG and BrazilFalleN from Luminosity Gaming, but gave up to Reunion kennyS in the final.


Our battle five is the runner-up of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015! Great job!


Unfortunately, Ukraine Edward, who was considered one of the best players (if not the best one) in CS 1.6, isn't a stable player either. In general, Ioann played at a good level in Cluj-Napoca (a couple of headshots with deagle prove it). However, if Natus Vincere claim to be the world's best team, Edward must improve his performance. From aside, Sweden fnatic and Reunion EnVyUS seem to be more powerful than any other team in terms of shooting. Though the Swedes are undergoing crisis in performance now, the French hit the aims really hard. Natus Vincere at de_mirage and in grand final simply lacked firepower.


A couple of facts about DreamHack Cluj-Napoca




One of Romania's largest cities, in which, according to the organizers, there's a large quantity of students. There are no special sightseeing attractions — a couple of beautiful cathedrals and churches, a new football stadium next to Sala Polivalenta (the home of football club CFR Cluj, which used to play in Champions League) and many streets with beautiful yet rather neglected buildings.


After a short walk of Cluj-Napoca, I had an impression that the city had been actively built in 50-60s of the previous century and was preserved in such state only to begin the modernization in early 2000s. As per moment the main roads and the facades of the most striking buildings are under reconstruction, paving stones are laid, the fences are painted and road markings are made.


Cathedrals and churches in Romania are quite unusual, especially the orthodox ones. Their proportions are different from those in Ukraine and Russia


If the pace of modernization remains, in 5-10 years the tourists will see a very different city, a more attractive one. As of now, the tourists have little to see. The infrastructure is underdeveloped, though there are no problems with roads and street lights. The communist period of the country's history was way too long. If you were planning to visit Romania, and are distracted from the idea by these lines, forget about them! The country is attractive due to its incredibly beautiful nature and majestic Middle Ages castles rather than cities...




Romania has no problems with internet. It was very fast everywhere, where we found Wi-Fi. We were stroke by a small café next to the arena. Their Internet connection was capable of withstand 5 simultaneous streams in Source. If I'm not mistaken, Romania is in to 20 countries with the fastest internet. Arseniy Trynozhenko said that countries, which missed the Internet boom of early 90s, not only have caught up with the pioneers, but also left them behind. Internet in Romania is faster than in France or Germany, though the country is much poorer.


Sala Polivalenta is the venue of Romanian championship.


CS:GO Pins:


All the visitors of DreamHack could buy the pins (with a special digital code inside). However, there was no agiotage about them. Previously, the organizers of the majors had kept an eye on the sale, not letting to sell more than 3 pins to one person. In Romania, one could buy as many pins as he or she wanted. They were sold in some special "batches": a person bought 10 pins and got 8 NUKEs and 2 INFERNOs, another person got 2 GUARDIAN ELITE and 3 VICTORY of 5 pins. A total random it was

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