Na`Vi Infusing StaLadder today!



UPDATE: Na`Vi won against Infused prolonguing their winning streak once again!
Just kidding! Our boys will be playing the Swedish squad of image Infused as some of you have probabaly realized by the title!
After their disappointing result versus image Dignitas yesterday, in a game which Infused had a pretty big lead but could not capitalize on, the Swedes are most definitely looking for an indirect revenge. image Natus Vincere on the other hand, keep building up their lead in the GGnet rankings after beating image PR and image Dignitas recently. Infused and Na`VI haven't  actually met one another in an official DotA 2 match yet, but the Gosubet is pretty eloquent - 96% to 4%. Will Wagamama's boys pull an upset or will our team infuse of kills? Tune in tonight at 20.00 PM CET to find out!



image English stream with PurgeGamers for the match against image Infused, 20.00 PM CET



image Russian stream with v1lat for the match against image Infused, 20.00 PM CET



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