#Navigramm: Episode 3


Do you know what the participants of The International photograph? What are seized and ceh9 doing during vacation? Did you see the new selfies of b2ru, Zeus, SL1DE and other esports personalities? Look at the most interesting posts of Na`Vi players and staff on Instagram collected in #Navigramm episode 3!

Ukraine Dendi joked  in Instagram about the noobs, who play Dota 2 so dramatically bad, that they are called "cancers" (implying they've got claws instead of their hands).  Danil ordered cancers while lunching in a local seafood restaurant.



Eating you ! Noobs ^_^

Published by Daniel Ishutin (@dendiq)


Here's one more Ukraine Dendi photo from The International. Danil makes a selfie with funny hat from Secret Shop. He stated that was a cosplay in Nature's Prophet costume. By the he used the name of the hero from the first part of DotA Allstars, instead of an official name of Dota 2 hero. Perhaps, he's implying that Furion in DotA Allstars is the father of TerrorbladeTerrorblade and Anti-MageAnti-Mage...




Published by Daniel Ishutin (@dendiq)


Russian Federation Denis "Seized" Kostin is one of the most active users of Instagram of all the members of Ukraine Natus Vincere club. He has posted over a dozen of photographs over the last month. These are mostly pictures from his tips to Canada, Spain, and the US, along with selfies and photos of CS:GO tournaments. Below is award ceremony of ESWC 2015 (Canada).



YES! 1place

Published by Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)


After CEVO Season 7 finals, Denis went for 3 days home, and later went for a vacation for a week. He spends the vacation in Antalya (Turkey) and will soon return to training base of Ukraine Natus Vincere, where the team will be training hard before ESL One in Cologne. Meanwhile Denis shares the pictures with his fans.



Published by Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)


Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko posts many photos from the gym. Zeus takes care of his body and shows his muscles on Instagram. Therefore, he shows that for it's important for an eSportsmen to have a healthy life.



Published by Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)


Apart from photos of bodybuilding and eSports, Daniil often demonstrates on Instgram his new purchases. This time he's shown his summer clothes he bought during the shopping with Ukraine Edward and Russian Federation seized. Mini-review of the purchases here.



Published by Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)


Our tanker Ukraine Dmitry "SL1DE" Frishman is fond of car racing apart from esports! He posts many photos of races and his car. Below is a photo of Dima in a beautiful Ukrainian city of Poltava during the sport car exhibition. #ltavafest.



#Полтава #LtavaFest #TimeAttack #Ltava #LtavaRing #great #weekend w/ <3 @kalinina_ua

Published by Dima Frishman (@dima_sl1de)


Below is our renown World of Tanks player preparing to the start of the race. Dima's car is Honda with a special engine — k20z4. Ukraine SL1DE is not the only one in Natus Vincere who is fond of racing. Ukraine ZeroGravity used to participate in races before.



#ReadyToRace #onstart #TimeAttack #Ltavaring #TypeR #FN2 #k20z4

Published by Dima Frishman (@dima_sl1de)


Our FIFA player Ukraine Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk has been supporting Dota 2 team lately. He discussed with his friends the chances of our players to enter the final of The International. Yevhen watches the streams of his favorite team on the laptop.



LET'S GO Na'Vi! #TI5 #NatusVincere

Published by Yevhen Mostovyk (@yozhyk)


A new contest has begun on Instagram! Win Ukraine Natus Vincere mouse pads and digital autographs for Dota 2 items. Record a funny video to support our favorite team!



Our Editor-in-Chief Ukraine Rostislav "Andersen" Grubi is a passionate football fan. He tries not to miss the matches of Ukrainian teams!



Dinamo vs Olimpik #kyiv #ukraine #2015

Published by Ross Grubi (@andersen_44)


SММ Head of Ukraine Natus Vincere Julia Zhytska showed how to use our branded stickers!



Stickerssssss! #work #navi #natusvincere #gaminglife #CS_GO #dota2

Published by Julia Zhytska (@julia.zzzzzz)


Ukraine Yana "b2ru" Himchenko posts photos of Seattle. See her in the training room of the Born to Win.



На фоне "эй вшш, пацантрэ"!

Published by Yana (@b2ru)


Esports caster Russian Federation Maelstorm was very nostalgic near Benaroya Hall.



Навсегда останется в сердцах всех дотеров - Benaroya Hall

Published by Владимир (@maelstormone)


Arseniy Trynozhenko is in Turkey with Russian Federation seized. Ukraine ceh9 posts a photo of their breakfast.



Сизд всех имел в виду )

Published by Arseniy Trynozhenko (@ceh999)


Here's a photo of Vitaliy Volochai and Danil Ishutin! From Seattle with love to all Dota 2 fans!



v1lat & Dendi :) #ti5ru #ti5

Published by Dota2RuHub (@dota2ruhub)



This is it for episode 3 of #Navigramm. Don't forget to follow your favorite players on social networks and participate in contests of Ukraine Natus Vincere!


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