#Navigramm: Episode 4


Episode 4 of #Navigramm is ready! We've collected all the most interesting things Natus Vincere players and staff posted on Instagram. Learn what ESL One participants photographed, what CS:GO players made during vacation and see the new selfies made by b2ru, Zeus, SL1DE, ZeroGravity, Yozhyk and much more.


Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin published a selfie in gold-coated sunglasses, claiming that these were special glasses for Dota 2. In fact the model's name is Mirrored Gold Wholesale California Classics Sunglasses (Style #8078). The golden item increases the chance to hit the enemy with hook by 100%. Additionally the sunglasses shine bright in the sun!



Dota2 sunglasses !

Фото опубликовано Daniel Ishutin (@dendiq)


Ukraine Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich wrote about himself on Instagram: "Sashulia is a true kolkhoz farmer" (note from translator: in Soviet Union "farmers" were deprived of the right to own land, movable property, necessary to run farming business, and even of the right to move to the cities at a certain period of time, they were forced to work in collective farms, owned by the state). The photo below is a proof that Sasha sticks to his funny image. "Sashulia" found the whole field of sunflowers and photographed in it. Is it a hint to a possible reshuffle? Or maybe Sasha simply decided to adopt Van Gogh's passion.



Мы с подсолнухами радуемся жизни

Фото опубликовано Сашуля (@dashkevichsasha)

I enjoy life along with the sunflowers


Our Dota 2 player Ukraine Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov hasn't posted anything on Instagram for a while. Instead his wife often shares photographs. She was with Gleb at The International 2015 and recorded many interested moments. This phot features Gleb and Polina, supporting CDEC at The International's final.



Топим за CDEC!

Фото опубликовано Polya (@funnypolya)

Supporting CDEC


Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin had a photoshoot along with the whole Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad of Natus Vincere in their new uniform. You've seen some of these pictures on  our website already. Additionally, we've posted the interviews with the players recorded during this phtotoshoot. Denis shot one of the photos and posted it on Instagram. As you can see, seized wears his watch all the time including the official games and photoshoot.



#navigramm My team #navi

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)


After the photoshoot and bootcamp in Kyiv, Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin posted photographs, made at the birthday with his fellow players. On 20 August he began publishing photos from ESL One Cologne, though he didn't make much, as he was very busy. First he posted a selfie with Edward from a hotel room. He took last pictures at Lanxess-Arena, showing the amazing hall of arena, and a photo after Ukraine Natus Vincere lost in quarterfinals.



View from loosers booth, amazing #ESLOne

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)


Ukraine Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko shares many interesting moments of his life with his fans on Instagram. Before the bootcamp in Kyiv he posted many pictures during his vacation in Turkey, including selfies in restaurants and gym, in the club and with girls. After returning to Kyiv, he also made many interesting photographs during the bootcamp and photoshoot of the team in new uniform. He had his hair cut before the photoshoot, which was also posted on Instagram. Next photos we saw on his Instagram were taken during the trip to Germany. During the group stage of ESL One Zeus recorded interesting video about International Kinguin rejoicing over the victory. Before the play off Natus Vincere players were once again invited to photoshoot made to represent the players on the huge monitors of the stadium. Before quarterfinals with France EnVyUs Daniil published a small review of a stadium and the stage. Afterwards he made a selfie.



After the quarterfinals Ukraine Zeus spoke to many players. He made a funny picture with Sweden Get_Right and Sweden friberg, joking this was a new team.



New team

Фото опубликовано Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)


In early August, our Heroes of the Storm team participated in WCA 2015 Europe Pro Qualifier. Unfortunately, our players didn't manage to get to the final, having been defeated by the favorite of the tournament Spain Team Liquid in lower brackets. Our player Sweden Simon «ScHwimpi» Svensson published the photograph from the match. ScHwimpi shakes hands with the captain SpainJuan «Vortix» Moreno Duran.



Äntligen påväg hemåt från tyskalndet

Фото опубликовано @schwimpi


The manager of our Heroes of the Storm squad Andrew Kvasnevsky also posts many photos on Instagram. Recently he visited FanExpo held in one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Ukraine - Odessa. There he made a funny selfie.



FanExpo Odessa selfie v.1 #fanexpo #Odessa #fanexpoOdessa #work #life

Фото опубликовано Andrew Kwasnevskiy (@kimifromearth)


Prominent Ukrainian FIFA 15 player, the winner of many international championships, Ukraine Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk celebrated one of the main holidays of our country - Independence Day of Ukraine (24 August). Yozhyk along with his girlfriend and friends put on vyshyvankas (national closing with embroidery, which is very popular in modern Ukraine and usually worn during many national feasts - note from translator) and took a walk around Kyiv.


Our tanker Ukraine Dmitry "SL1DE" Frishman recently visited the head office of the professional eSports organization Natus Vincere. He was very impressed with the lettering of gamers' phrases on the wall.



Всем привет из офиса @natus_vincere_official #glhf #goodluck #havefun #sl1de #naviwot

Фото опубликовано Dima Frishman (@dima_sl1de)

Greetings from the office


Apart from World of Tanks Ukraine SL1DE is fond of auto racing. He participated in it. During the trip to Kyiv, Dmitry met his friends, who also go in for races. All of them have cars similar to that of Dmitry. The photo on the right is the car of SL1DE.


While visiting Kyiv, one can't help meeting with friends


The main person in Natus Vincere Ukraine Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kohanovsky posted the photos he made in the US:




Фото опубликовано Alexander Kokhanovskyy (@zerogravity_ua)

Night was falling... )


Our editor-in-Chief Ukraine Rostislav "Andersen" Grubi appreciated Google's efforts in celebrating Independence Day of Ukraine. Rostislav posted a photo of the Google's logo depicted as national Ukraine's embroidery in colours of Ukraine's flag Ukraine. One of "o" letters is depicted in the form of Ukrainian wreath - the crown worn by many girls in Ukraine.



Google вітає Україну з Днем Незалежності! #ukraine #holiday #2015

Фото опубликовано Ross Grubi (@andersen_44)

Google congratulates Ukraine on Independence Day!


SMM-manager of Natus Vincere Yulia Zhitskaya draws in oil during her spare time. She posts the photos of her pictures on Instagram. This time she painted coffee.



I don't just drink coffee, I paint it! #painting #fuzaart #coffee #sundaymorning #weekend

Фото опубликовано Юля Жицкая (@julia.zzzzzz)


Igor Karimov, creative director of Natus Vincere, took a walk around Kyiv and made a couple of photos. This one features the most creative person in our organization standing in a funny t-shirt on the bridge over the river Dnipro.



Ukraine Natus Vincere's art director Alexey Kondakov publishes his works on Instagram. He combines photos of modern Ukrainian reality with classical masterpieces. This one is the photo of Ukrainian share taxi. The woman sitting in the back of the taxi is Edmund Leighton's Faticida.



#art #kiev #kyiv #2reality #mywork #digital #Ukrainian #artist #AlexeyKondakov #digitalCollages #photoshop #classicart #leighton #ukraine

Фото опубликовано Lösha Kondakov (@alksko)


Yana Himchenko's new photo is mesmerizing!



Фото опубликовано Yana (@b2ru)


After The International Yana stayed a couple of days in the US, where she visited main sights of Seattle and visited  Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state.



Mount Rainier

Фото опубликовано Yana (@b2ru)


ESports caster and streamer Russian Federation Maelstorm published a photo of any Dota 2 fan's dream room. Posters on the wall were brought from various The Internationals.




Фото опубликовано Владимир (@maelstormone)



Arseniy Trynozhenko posted a new look of his dog on Instagram! This cure creature often visits the streams of Arseniy and has gained acknowledgement of the fans!




Фото опубликовано Arseniy Trynozhenko (@ceh999)



During the recent ESL One Arseniy casted the stream at Storm Studio in Kyiv. He posted an insider photograph of the studio.



Кристалмэй у руля

Фото опубликовано Arseniy Trynozhenko (@ceh999)

CrystalMay rules


The following picture was posted on the official Ukraine Natus Vincere page on Instagram. The owner of this jeep depicted logos of many prominent eSports team. Do you see our logo?



This jeep looks like it can carry you to the victory! Photo by Mark Kevin Climaco. #navi #natusvincere #instanavi #navigramm #navifans

Фото опубликовано @natus_vincere_official


This one is Funn1k`s wife Polina during The International.



Своровала шляпу у @b2ru

Фото опубликовано Polya (@funnypolya)

I stole the hat from @b2ru


Ukraine Dendi is studying information about The International, and  Ukraine Funn1k's wife holds Vanguard.



Vanguard! #dota2 #ti5 #theinternational2015

Фото опубликовано Polya (@funnypolya)


If you know where to find these splendid items leave the address in comments!



Где все это взять?dota2

Фото опубликовано Polya (@funnypolya)

Where to get it?


During the vacation in Turkey, Russian Federation seized didn't waste the time. While Ukraine ceh9 and Ukraine Zeus were sleeping, he took the photo with their girlfriends.



Пока Сеня и Зевс спят, тут SWaG

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)

While Zeus and Senia are sleeping, we've got SWaG here


This is it for the #Navigramm episode. Don't forget to sign up to the official pages of your favorite players in social networks and participate in the contests by Ukraine Natus Vincere!


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