#Navigramm: Episode 5


Here is our fifth #Navigramm episode, where we gathered the best Instagram posts of Ukraine Natus Vincere players and employees. You will find out which interesting places they usually attend, see new selfies of XBOCTEdwardb2ruZeusseizedTheAnatolichYozhykceh9 and a lot more!


Ukraine Аleksandr «XBOCT» Dashkevich went yachting with his friend. During this sea-walk he couldn’t resist making a few backflips into the water.



Почти сальто получилось, чуток не хватило!

Фото опубликовано Сашуля (@dashkevichsasha)

I was so close to a backflip!


Famous Dota 2 player Funn1k and his wife have visited the Kharkov zoo. Gleb’s wife was extremely impressed by the walk and even decided to buy a new pet — cockatoo. The cockatoo is a massive smart parrot that is capable of learning a few dozens of words.


We were at unreal Feldman zoo today. Decided to get a cockatoo


But zoo is not the only place, visited by Ukraine Gleb «Funn1k» Lipatnikov. Our player attended a beauty salon and posted the photo below. Now, his subscribers are at the crossroads, with some of them thinking that this is a cleansing mask before the photo shoot, others saying that this is a nourishing cream and the rest of them simply being confused.


Wtf is this

Фото опубликовано Hilb (@hilbnewell)


Our Heroes of the Storm manager Andrew Kwasnevskiy is a huge football fan. He posted this photo showing the love for his brand-new football boots!



Everyone wants ma Nike Magista, especially Степа #nike #nikefootball #football #life #sport

Фото опубликовано Andrew Kwasnevskiy (@kimifromearth)

After CS:GO tournament ESL ESEA DubaiRussian Federation Denis«seized» Kostin visited the Burj Khalifa skyscraper with his teammates. The height of Burj Khalifa is 828 meters and 127 floors, which makes it the highest building of the entire world, so this place is surely worth visiting!



127 этаж

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)

127th floor


Russian Federation Denis «seized» Kostin celebrated his birthday at notorious Gaming Paradise on 9 September. After returning back home, he was pleasantly surprised to see such a sweet present prepared by his parents.


приехал и тут сюрприз от родителей

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)

Came home and here is the surprise from my parents


 Ukraine Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev doesn’t have an Instagram profile, and never posts selfies. However, he is often captured on photos of his teammates. On the picture below, you can see Ioann standing near the unusual car that was found by our players near the yacht-club.


Ukraine Daniil «Zeus» Тeslenko has visited quite a few eSport tournaments since our last episode. He generously shared the brightest and the most interesting moments of the competitions with his friends and fans. On the picture below, Zeus has paid a visit to Virtus.pro players, whereas this one features Na`Vi members eating the breakfast, prepared by Zeus himself. After Gaming Paradise loss, Daniil has captured the emotions of his teammates that obviously were upset.



Вот такие лица после хороших посасушек ....

Фото опубликовано Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)

Our faces after being well wrecked...


The Dubai trip took place next, and once again, Zeus has taken an airport-selfie with VP players. On the second day of the tournament before the first group stage games, Zeus took a photo in his hotel room.



Выезжаем на игру ! До встречи братья !

Фото опубликовано Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)

We are off to play the match! See you, brothers!


Russian Federation Аnatoliy «TheAnatolich» Barakov, the member of our World of Tanks squad, took a selfie right before the WGL grand-final in Kyiv. It shows team’s warm-up on stage of Kyiv Cybersport Arena.



#wgl #разминка

Фото опубликовано анатолий (@theanatolich)

Сен 20 2015 в 2:43 PDT

Warm up


Another tanker Ukraine Dmitriy «SL1DE» Frishman posted a photo taken after the final of Wargaming.net League in Kyiv. Our team has taken a victory and received a great cup as a prize.


With WGL 2015 cup


Natus Vincere director Ukraine Аlexander «ZeroGravity» Kokhanovskyy has also posted a few new photos. One of them features the trophy case with all cups won by Na`Vi players over the last years. You can notice the trophies from The InternationalArbalet CupExtreme MastersWGL and many other tournaments.



My preciousssss!

Фото опубликовано Alexander Kokhanovskyy (@zerogravity_ua)


On the next photo, Ukraine Аlexander «ZeroGravity» Kokhanovskyy shows McLaren's stunning sports car on the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben race track in Germany. Natus Vincere manager is very interested in car racing. He even took part in a few Ukrainian competitions.



McLaren готов выкатываться покататься!

Фото опубликовано Alexander Kokhanovskyy (@zerogravity_ua)

McLaren is ready to be driven!


Our editor-in-chief Ukraine Rostyslav «Andersen» Grubi often posts different interesting photos from football matches. He is very active on Instagram, and his subscribers can find some exciting stuff and even exclusive content from Natus Vincere headquarters in Kyiv. This time, Rostyslav has posted a photo with a lucky t-shirt and The International posters.


The first working day at the office after a small break, feeling good!

As it was previously mentioned, Rostyslav «Andersen» Grubi often shares interesting moments of Ukraine Natus Vincere life. Here is another exclusive picture: he showed how the most important eSport Skype-calls are sometimes conducted.



Важные скайпколлы иногда проходят как-то так #skype #meeting

Фото опубликовано Ross Grubi (@andersen_44)

Important skype-calls sometimes look like this


Yulia Zhytska, Natus Vincere SMM-manager, has also attended WGL finals in Kyiv, and taken a photo with one of tournament’s trophies.



We need this reward in our office too in 2015.#wgl #wot #gaming #work #navi

Фото опубликовано Юля Жицкая (@julia.zzzzzz)


Natus Vincere creative manager,  Ihor Karimov has taken a very interesting picture. You can see the morning of Ihor as well as the view from his windows.



#morning #fresh #weekend #sunday #fell #orange #mood #fog #rain

Фото опубликовано Igor Karimov (@igor_karimov)


Aleksey Kondakov, the art-manager of Ukraine Natus Vincere, often inspires his fans with quite unique publications on Instagram. He captures the moments of everyday life and combines them with a bit of art. The result of such an unusual editing is truly amazing!



Our correspondent and interviewer Yana «b2ru» Khymchenko always posts different selfies and photos from eSport events on her Instagram. The photo below from ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational has been taken near Dubai International Marine club.



Фото опубликовано Yana (@b2ru)





@b2ru & Edward

Фото опубликовано esports_live (@esports_live)


Maria Ovcharenko, the office manager of Natus Vincere, is keen on photography and often posts interesting pictures. Now, her Instagram page is full of fresh photos taken during her trip to Lviv.



#weekends #lviv

Фото опубликовано Maria (@mary_ovch)


Former CS 1.6 and CS:GO player аnd current Storm Studio caster Ukraine Arseniy «ceh9» Trynozhenko shared some good news with his followers! He received a YouTube Silver Play Button that is awarded to people that reach 100 000 subscribers.



Еще одна награда, нашла своего героя )

Фото опубликовано Arseniy Trynozhenko (@ceh999)

Another trophy has found its hero )


Our famous FIFA-player Ukraine Yevgen«Yozhyk» Мostovyk has celebrated his wedding recently. After the ceremony, he and his wife headed to make their wedding trip in Turkey.



Thank you! Biggest selfie ever made! #wedding

Фото опубликовано Yevhen Mostovyk (@yozhyk)


Natus Vincere organization posts only the most interesting stuff in the Instagram feed. Here you can see a video where our HotS player France JayPL unexpectedly speaks Russian!



JayPL says "Hello" in Russian! #HoTs #navi #navistars #bootcamp

Видео опубликовано @natus_vincere_official


This photo features all our Heroes of the Storm players. They arrived in Kyiv to practice before the tournament in Prague, where the guys will have to play extremely important matches that will decide who will take part in BlizzCon. In case of victory, Natus Vincere will head to USA to compete for the title of world Heroes of the Storm champions.



Our Heroes of the Storm squad has arrived for bootcamp! #navi #natusvincere #navistars #instanavi #navigramm

Фото опубликовано @natus_vincere_official


Artyom «Belias» Prykhodko, the SMM manager of Storm Studio, is also very active on Instagram. Artyom has posted a picture with his girlfriend who obviously is a Ukraine Natus Vincere fan as well.



#my #lovely #girl

Фото опубликовано Артём Приходько (@belias322)


Not only Artyom Prykhodko’s girlfriend likes to wear stylish t-shirts with Natus Vincere logo, but also many other girls…



#dota #navi #csgo #natus_vincere

Фото опубликовано I N N A (@inna_dvoinikova)


Former Natus Vincere employee Polina Lagunova still remembers and appreciates her favorite team. You can see Polina posing in a signature t-shirt at the airport.



The next photo has been taken at The International. It features an entire Natus Vincere team!



#dota2 #ti5 #navi #natusvincere

Фото опубликовано Polya (@funnypolya)


On the last photo of our today’s episode you can see Zeus posing in an unusual t-shirt. As you can see, Daniil supports a new beard-trend.



У тебя есть борода ? Я скажу тебе ДААААААААААА

Фото опубликовано Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)

 Do you have a beard? I'll say YEEEEES to you

That is it for our fifth #Navigramm episode. Don’t forget to subscribe to the social media pages of your favorite players and participate in Ukraine Natus Vincere contests!

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