#Navigramm: Episode 7


We are excited to present to you our seventh #Navigramm episode with the most interesting Instagram posts of Natus Vincere players and workers. You will find out which interesting places they usually attend and see new selfies of Ukraine Zeus, Russian Federation seizedRussian Federation TheAnatolich, Ukraine Yozhyk, Ukraine b2ru, Russian Federation flamie and a lot more!


Over the weekend of November 21–22, the Natus Vincere Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster took part in IEM San Jose. Our players managed to show some fascinating plays there: after the beautiful clutch win by Edward, they advanced to the final part and once again lifted the Extreme Masters trophy. This tournament series means a lot for our team, since it was IEM 4 World Championship Finals where the history of such Na`Vi players as Ukraine ZeusUkraine EdwardUkraine starix, Ukraine ceh9 began. By winning the tournament in San-Jose, our guys proved that they still respect the good old traditions of their CS roster!



YES! 1 place #IEM #San-Jose

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)


Many Ukraine Natus Vincere fans from all around the world cheered for our team, so, of course, the players couldn’t forget to thank them for their kind words and incredible support. Zeus even took a selfie with the Extreme Masters audience.



Первое место ))ураааа

Фото опубликовано Danyl Teslenko (@navizeus)

First place ))yaaaay


Recently our organization has set a new record – 1 million YouTube subscribers – and received a sizeable gold play button as a reward. For the last few days, this nifty trophy has been occupying the attention of all workers and visitors of our office in Kyiv, serving as a reminder of the huge number of fans who follow our Dota 2 channel on YouTube.


Took a YouTube million subscribers gold button into the office

Not so long ago, Kyiv dwellers had the opportunity to attend an extremely interesting meet up: on November 19, Ukraine Natus Vincere’s CEO Ukraine Аleksandr «ZeroGravity» Коkhanovskyi answered some ESports-related questions in a warm and cordial atmosphere.



People do not stop questioning @zerogravity_ua even after the end on the official part. #navi #navi_casual #firechat

Фото опубликовано @natus_vincere_official

The manager of our Heroes of the Storm squad, Аndrey Kvasnevskiy, is fond of sports, and he regularly shares workout pictures featuring his friends. This time, he decided to show his Instagram followers a photo of him playing tennis outdoors.



Отличная погода для тренировки вне зала. #tennis #training #Odessa

Фото опубликовано Andrew Kwasnevskiy (@kimifromearth)

A great weather for the outdoor workout!


The manager of our World of Tanks line-up is also interested in sports, but he still likes gaming more than all other activities. Dmitry «de1uxe» Repin’s Instagram account is fairly new, yet already features a large number of photos from different trips. Recently, he informed everyone that he has already obtained a Chinese visa and will set out for the WCA tournament together with his team soon. Dmitry’s Instagram page is regularly updated and has quite a few pictures of cats, cars and food. The photo below was taken during his interview with COMEDY RADIO and shows a usual way of today’s communication.



Типичное общение 21-го века #tnt #comedyradio #gaming

Фото опубликовано Repin Dmitry (@de1uxepwnz)

Typical communication of the 21st century


Russian Federation Аnatoliy «TheAnatolich» Barakov, our talented World of Tanks player, delighted his fans with an unusual selfie featuring Russian Federation Evgeniy «kapp1» Blazhko, a formerly famous player who performed in one team with Anatoliy some time ago. Even after the breakup of the Unity roster, the former teammates keep in touch and are happy to spend time together.



#Лысый #Kapp1 #oldskull

Фото опубликовано анатолий (@theanatolich)


Ukraine Dmitry «SL1DE» Frishman, a member of our WoT squad, recently dropped by the Natus Vincere headquarters in Kyiv for a very eccentric photo shoot together with our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. SL1DE posted one of the photos on his Instagram page and surprised his followers with an amusing outfit featuring a classic tanker hat and a fire extinguisher. What does it mean? We’ll find out soon!



Съёмки прошли очень весело #navi #steelseries #eSports

Фото опубликовано Dima F. (@dima_sl1de)

Photo shoot was very fun! 


Right now our CS:GO squad is seriously preparing for ESL ESEA Season 2 Finals which will run between December 10–13 in the USA. However, Russian Federation seized and Ukraine Edward managed to spare some time and meet in Kyiv for the aforementioned photo shoot. How do you like the way Denis looks?



deal with papa

Фото опубликовано Denis Kostin (@seizedwf)


Our website’s editor-in-chief, Rostyslav Grubi, posted a photo taken in the Natus Vincere game room.



С будущей звездой арт-пространства Алексеем Кондаковым! #kyiv #ukraine #art #2015

Фото опубликовано Ross Grubi (@andersen_44)

With a future art star, Alexey Kondakov!

Natus Vincere’s SMM-worker Yulia Zhytskaya likes to spend her free time painting. Here is a beautiful picture she drew on Sunday evening.


Creative director of Ukraine Natus Vincere, Igor Karimov, took up a new hobby: he started collecting toys together with his daughter to reach an ultimate goal of 400 unique characters. Take a look at the photo of his current collection posted on his Instagram page!



Ukraine Natus Vincere’s art director, Alexey Kondakov, delighted his Instagram followers with this atmospheric selfie. Hats are certainly included in the list of clothing pieces that really suit him, and the photo below proves it!



Not so long ago, our correspondent, Ukraine Yana «b2ru» Khymchenko, celebrated her birthday and shared a very nice selfie taken on this special day. In the background you can see some cool posters from The International as well as the badges from various tournaments attended by our reporters.



Happy B-day to me:D

Фото опубликовано Yana (@b2ru)


Ukraine Dendi shared an incredible love story with his Instagram followers. He noticed life-size Applejack, one of the main characters of My Little Pony animated series, in the toy store and couldn’t resist taking a photo with it. This pony is very kind and always ready to help its friends, just like Dendi!



My dear horse

Фото опубликовано Daniel Ishutin (@dendiq)


Arseniy Trynozhenko, former professional player and current Storm Studio caster, recently visited Moscow to commentate the invitational tournament. At the end of the work day, he shared this cool backstage picture of the dinner cooked for the best CS:GO players of Russia.



Вот такой вот он, чемпионский стол !

Фото опубликовано Arseniy Trynozhenko (@ceh999)

Here is the dinner of champions!


Another Strom Studio caster, Russian Federation Vladimir «maelstorm» Кuzminov, attended the recent Dota 2 major in Frankfurt. He filmed a short video featuring International Team Secret fans.



Secret fanboys

Видео опубликовано Владимир (@maelstormone)


Our mighty FIFA player Ukraine Yevhen «Yozhyk» Mostovyk attended the Ukraine-Slovenia football match.


Always glad to be a part of this fantastic Arena Lviv atmosphere!


Russian Federation Egor «flamie» Vasilyev, the youngest player of our CS:GO roster, has also created an Instagram account where he regularly posts photos with his lovely girlfriend. This time, he showed their gaming setup.




Вместе жить хорошо и играть тоже

Фото опубликовано ALYONA BORDUKOVA (@a1ley)

Feels good to live together, and play, too!


Last but not the least, take a look at the photos of true Ukraine Natus Vincere fans!




Do we have a lot cute girl gamers among @natusvincere fans? Art by Hamaz Faliq. #navifans #navi #natusvincere #instanavi #navigramm

Фото опубликовано @natus_vincere_official



#dreamhack2015 #dota2 #navi #pudge

Фото опубликовано Igor (@igor__tyurin)

This is all for our seventh #Navigramm episode. Don’t forget to subscribe to the social media pages of our players and participate in Ukraine Natus Vincere contests!

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