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ESports club Natus Vincere is proud to announce our new project – a studio focusing on live streaming. Storm Studio is formed with Na`Vi top talent, and will be focusing on covering the premier eSports events.
Broadcasting is one of the strongest driving forces in eSports currently. Studios set the trends of eSports, and also provide a deep connection between the players and their fans, they organize tournaments, and turn the games into an exciting show.
Storm Studio casters will start with the coverage of Dota 2 and CS:GO events. Our talented casters include Dmitry ‘LightofHeaven’ Kupriyanov and Vladimir ‘Maelstrom’ Kuzminov, who will be covering Dota 2 events, and Arseny ‘ceh9’ Trinozhenko, responsible for CS:GO tournaments.
We are dedicated to growing this studio and increasing the coverage of events, and in 2015 we are planning to open the following casting branches: Heathstone, Starcraft 2, and League of Legends.
We are planning our growth by cooperating with many organizations and partners, therefore we are sure that we can bring truly high-class casting and exciting events to our viewers.




Contact e-mails: - for general questions - for partnership inquiries - for possible job inquiries - questions to our casters.


While we’re still making our website, follow us in social media for all latest news:




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#1 md SuMReD 22 December 2014, 16:05
Nice guys :)
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#2 ua Чебурек 22 December 2014, 16:25
маєлшторм це фейспалм)
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