Na`Vi launches LoL CIS squad!

Today we make an important announcement considering the plans of Ukraine Natus Vincere in 2016. In early December we announced the launch of a LoL division, consisting of six players from Europe, some of them being well-known within the community. We received substantial feedback from the CIS fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere, wishing to see a couple of Russian-speaking players in our LoL teams. We considered their requests and managed to find a great team which will be able to represent Ukraine Na`Vi on the CIS scene properly.
Those of you who have been following League of Legends events of SLTV StarSeries, must have heard about the team International Dolphins. The Dolphins ended up as the runner-up at SLTV StarSeries Summer Split 2015 Finals, having shown outstanding performance at the tournament. They managed to defeat Russian Federation RoX.KIS 3:0 in the semifinals. In the final game, they effectively struggled with Russian Federation Hard Random, the reigning champion of the region, and won $ 10 425.
We see great potential of the players and are sure that due to support of Ukraine Natus Vincere they will be able to compete with the world's top level teams. The team will play the first matches in 2016 in the CIS regional championship uniting the best LoL pro players of the region. Follow our announcements on the website where we'll keep you posted on tournaments the team participates in.
Germany Hans Christian "Liq" Dürr will act as the CIS team's manager as well as for the European division. He will do his best to make our players feel comfortable during the season. Russian Federation Alexey "Genes1s" Romanov has been appointed as a coach of the team. Russian Federation Genes1s is known as a caster and a host of League of Legends SLTV StarSeries. During his career he has seen many professional matches and will be able to coach the team based on his great experience.
Therefore, Ukraine Natus Vincere enters 2016 with two squads of the most popular MOBA game. As a reminder, there is a clear distinction in regions in League of Legends, so you will easily be able to support both LoL teams of Ukraine Na`Vi.
The Manager of Natus Vincere LoL team, Germany Hans Christian "Liq" Dürr:
"I am really happy to extend League of Legends within Natus Vincere to a second team with the clear goal to become a steady force within the CIS region while participating in a regional league in the 2016 Season. Na`Vi's roots are in the CIS and I'm excited that we'll be able to help the growth of LoL in that region".

The Coach of Natus Vincere LoL team, Russian Federation Alexey "Genes1s" Romanov:
"Even though it is a new experience for me I am sure my casting and analytical background can really be transformed into the way to help this roster thrive and reign as one of the best teams in the CIS, while being with Natus Vincere not only motivates me even more but brings the resources to be the first and represent the CIS on the international scene".
The captain of Natus Vincere LoL team, Russian Federation Ilya "Lasagna" Melkumov:
"When I was looking for an organisation I knew that I would only sign under the greatest name. I doubt there is a more well known organisation than Natus Vincere in CIS and I look forward into the new season where I will crush our opponents hard with the support from Na`Vi".

Na`Vi.CIS team in League of Legends:




  • Team's Manager: Germany Hans Christian "Liq" Dürr 
  • Head Coach: Russian Federation Alexey "Genes1s" Romanov 



  • Sweden Simon "Zvene" Svensson (Top Lane) 
  • Russian Federation Ilya "Lasagna" Melkumov (Jungle) 
  • Lithuania Saulius "Saulius" Lukošius (Mid Lane) 
  • Russian Federation Egor "VincentVega" Medvedev (Attack Damage Carry) 
  • Russian Federation Arthur "skash" Ermolaev (Support) 
  • Russian Federation Kirill "Aoi Haru" Kolupaev (Substitute) 
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#1 ph klutz 30 December 2015, 05:29
go navi!! where can i watch your practice game?
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