Na`Vi: League of Legends on our radar!


Ukraine Natus Vincere makes a return to League of Legends and its new roster will be presented to the community very soon! The process of team formation will resemble the practices used by traditional sports: the organization will invite the head coach, who will eventually recruit LoL players.


League of Legends has been the object of our careful attention for quite a long time. And even though Natus Vincere have already tried to dive into the most popular MOBA game in the world before, this time we decided to move away from those concepts that are commonly used in eSports today, when a team is based on players, rather than managers.


Instead, we will use the experience of traditional sports: first employ managers and then form our League of Legends team, using their recommendations. The more eSports evolves, the more it approaches the rules and principles of traditional sports. We sincerely hope that our decision to go down this traditional path is a step in the right direction.


In a couple of days we will publish an announcement with the details concerning the vacancy of League of Legends head coach, so follow the updates on our website. You are most welcome to send your CV, especially if you consider yourself a competent professional, capable of accomplishing all important tasks of this position!


The comment by COO of Natus Vincere, Ukraine Igor "Caff" Sydorenko:


"We believe that the main responsibility for the team's result should be transfered to the coach and management, as it usually happens in traditional sports. I am sure that such approach to the team creation will be more effective in managing the training process and the team in general".


The comment by CEO of Natus Vincere, Ukraine Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky:


"eSports does not stand still, and we also move forward. I am sure that this innovation will prove how effective the sports approach can be for the formation of the League of Legends team."

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#1 nl teardeem 10 October 2015, 18:26
so are you ever gonna get a smite team?
#2 ru Swiss_Larson 10 October 2015, 22:05

so are you ever gonna get a smite team?

its about League of Legends, not SMIte....
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