Na`Vi is recruiting talents!


Do you want to become a part of Ukraine Natus Vincere organization? Do you want to develop along with your favourite team?  Do you want to work in a friendly environment? Then we've got great news for you! Ukraine Natus Vincere announces a full-scale recruitment of the staff for exciting freelance work!

We need:

  • Moviemaker CS:GO/LoL/WoT
  • Content manager for CS:GO/WoT/LoL/HotS/Hearthstone channels (1 title or more)
  • Writer Dota2/CS:GO/WoT/LoL/HotS/Hearthstone (1 title or more)
  • Channel voice LoL/HotS/Hearthstone (1 title or more)


  • Moviemaker
    Proficiency in editing software (Premiere, Vegas). Knowledge of other related programs (AE, Ps, Ai, C4D) is desirable. You are initiative and engaged in eSports environment of the chosen title. You follow the new trends in video editing, have free time and wish to develop. 
  • Content manager for YouTube channels
    Profound knowledge in the chosen eSports title. You are generator of ideas and are capable of implementing them. You are responsible, initiative and systematic. You have basic knowledge in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  • Writer
    Content generation. You will be fully or partially involved in the process of video creation. You will write scenarios for the series of videos or create videos on your own. The most important thing is to generate ideas.
  • Channel voice
    Good command of Russian and English. Clear pronunciation and pleasant voice. Understanding of the specifics of the chosen game. You have sound-recording equipment and have sound postproduction skills.


  • You have a chance to self–actualize in successful eSports project
  • Competitive salary and remuneration
  • Opportunity to develop your career within the organization
Send your CV to Point the vacancy in the subject of the letter. Turn your hobby into amazing job with Ukraine Natus Vincere!
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#1 in thesailorman 6 January 2016, 19:17
Hi, Sir, are you recruiting from other countries outside Europe. Cause i'm interested for this job and i live in India. My work profile meets all your requirements to work as a Moviemaker, Contentmanager and Writer, and of course interested in this job as a Dota 2 player and a Die-hard fanboy of Na'Vi and Dendimon. Expecting a reply.
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#2 ba StefanxMike 6 January 2016, 21:25
Hello. I have a lot of expirience since i do all the stuff you need. Na'Vi is my favorite team and i can work as all the roles. I'm a Dota player for 10 years, and CS too.Also a big fan of Dendi and Na'Vi as a team, followed you through all Internationals.I have a great immagination and idee's for videos, making, editing them.Hope i get a reply, thanks for giving us this opportunity ! As always GL HF & GG!
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#3 ph mhelvox06 6 January 2016, 23:05
Hi, Sir, are you recruiting from other countries outside Philippines. Cause i'm so interested for this job. Also im a big fan of Dendi Supamida and Na'Vi as a team,Expecting a reply sir!
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#4 cl JerrySenpai 7 January 2016, 01:11
Hi there!
I wanted to know if you guys are interested in spanish creation of content.
There are a lot of Na'Vi fans around the globe that will be very interested to have access to fresh spanish information.
Let me know if this call your attention.

Gold 11 DisRespect 1
#5 ph pexdo1 7 January 2016, 07:58
Hi, Sir, are you recruiting from other countries outside Philippines. Cause i'm so interested for this job. Also im a big fan of Dendi and Na'Vi as a team, Philippines is the #1 Fan of Na`Vi As always GL HF & GG! Expecting a Reply :D !
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#6 cz spokyash 7 January 2016, 17:35
Hello there Na Vi, I am interested as a CS:GO moviemaker, already sent you an email from
Rafael Penna
Gold 2 DisRespect 3
#7 br Rafael Penna 7 January 2016, 20:44
Hello Na'vi!
I wonder if you are interested in having the content in Portuguese, the Na'Vi is known all over the world and many people in Brazil love this team, even my friends like and admire you.
Let me know if you are interested.
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