Na`Vi triumph over Luminosity


UkraineNa’Vi took on BrazilLuminosity to decide who would move on to face FranceEnvyUs in the ESL ESEA Season 2 Finals. Luminosity chose Cobblestone as their map, and won the knife round after BrazilGabriel "FalleN" Toledo pulled off a 1vs3 clutch, giving LG the choice of side, they started on the CT side. A fast execute on the B bombsite by Na`Vi caught LG off guard and gave Na`Vi the pistol round, but they couldn’t capitalize on the advantage and lost the following round making the game 1-1. Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasilyev helped Na`Vi win their second eco round with a 4K making the game 2-2. Having reset LG’s economy, this time Na`Vi won their anti-eco rounds giving them a 5-3 advantage, but a lackluster end of the first half saw LG clawing back into the game having a one round lead at the half. Na`Vi started the second half in strong fashion winning the first 3 rounds, recovering the lead at 10-8. LG then managed to win their first buy round of the half but Na`Vi answered back leaving the brazilians’ economy in shambles, which allowed Na`Vi to widen the lead to 13-9. After some last ditch efforts by LG to get back in the game Na`Vi closed the first map out with a 16-11 scoreline, with flamie having a huge impact on the victory, with his 31 kills.
de_cobblestone was no problem for Na'Vi. (
Na`Vi chose Train has their map and once again the knife round went LG’s way and they chose to start on the CT side. Much like the first map Na`Vi won the pistol round with a fast B hit, and won the two follow up rounds taking advantage of LG’s poor defense on B taking an early 3-0 lead. But LG striked back and managed to win the two following rounds as Na`Vi continued to try taking the B bombsite, being on a force buy Na`Vi decided to switch things up and try the A bombsite but were thwarted in their efforts as LG’s solid defense held them back, tying the game at 3-3. After a couple of failed A hits Na`Vi went back to B to continue taking advantage of LG’s poor defense multiple times making the game 9-5 and finished the half with a slow and methodical A hit ending the first half with a 10-5 score line. LG started their T side in a strong fashion winning the first five rounds forcing Na`Vi to pull out the Auto Sniper, that helped them secure their first two rounds on the CT side making the game 12-10, but LG answered back and tied the game again at 12-12. LG then went on to win the next three rounds having match point despite SlovakiaLadislav "GuardiaN" Kovács’s ace, achieving match point and ultimately forcing a third map with a 12-16 win.
Luminosity took the second map. (
The final and deciding map was Mirage and finally Na`Vi won the knife round and chose to start on the CT side. Na`Vi got off to a strong start winning the pistol rounds and the following four rounds which gave them a fast 5-0 lead. LG then won back to back rounds with quick B hits that forced Na`Vi in an eco round that was quickly dealt with by FalleN with a 4K that included a double molotov kill, which left the game at 5-3. GuardiaN's then showed off his nerves of steel by winning a 1vs2 and defusing the bomb as BrazilFernando "fer" Alvarenga desperately tried to stop him but failed - Na`Vi’s economy was reset as LG got another round and almost managed to tie the game. Na`Vi finished the first half in a strong fashion taking the last four rounds to end the half with a 10-5 lead.
flamie’s 4K including a 1vs3 clutch secured Na`Vi the pistol round and they used that momentum to win the following four rounds, getting to match point, but FalleN wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet as he managed to ace Na`Vi keeping LG in the game, however it was too little too late as Na`Vi won the next round and the match, keeping their tournament hopes alive.
A strong performance by Na'Vi on de_mirage secures them the win
With this win Na`Vi moves on to face FranceEnvyUs for a place in the grand final of the ESL ESEA Season 2 Finals.
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