Na`Vi Mega Creep Comeback


Most Dota 2 players have, at some point, found themselves in games where they have to face up against Mega Creeps. The majority of them end up in a painful defeat, as the constant creep push can grind down even the most experienced. Coming back against mega creeps is an uphill battle, a quest  practically destined to fail.


Usually, even in professional games, the team composition is not well-equipped with heroes that can resist such a scenario. It is very common to see the “GG” call as soon as the last barracks falls. In pub games, people usually just give up the game once the megas have spawned, and the match is over in just a few more minutes. Even if the team has strongly scaling pushing heroes, flawless execution as well as precise decision making is required from the players to avoid defeat.


Reaching mega creeps is almost equal to achieving the victory. This is why professionals give a higher priority to barracks kills, rather than going straight for T4 towers when they break their opponent's base. But why are mega creeps so important? Let’s break down the math!


Losing a lane of barracks means a massive hit to the team’s economy. Both the experience and gold gain drop, while the creeps themselves become stronger. Creep scaling happens every 7 minutes and 30 seconds. To the initial combination of 1 ranged and 4 melee creeps, an extra melee creep is added at minutes 15:00 and 30:00, while at 45:00 both a ranged and a melee creep join the ranks. Past 45 minutes, the total creep count goes up to 2 ranged and 7 melee. Starting from minute 3:00, every seventh wave will have a siege creep. 



Comparison of creep stats in mid-, late-game (maximum values)


The table shows how important it is to maintain the barracks. From above it is obvious why having heroes who scale extremely well is necessary to have a chance of a comeback against megas. The drop in experience and gold in considerable after a lane of barracks falls, while achieving megas are a boost to the damage output and total HP of a wave. At the later stages of the game, a wave of mega creeps has the damage output of a level 25 Anti-Mage Anti Mage with three Rapiers, while having the health of five heroes with 2000 HP each. This means that going up against mega creeps can easily become a game similar to a 10v5. (The effect of the siege creep is not substantial against heroes, so it was not included in these calculations).


Due to these circumstances, since the beginning of patch v6.80 almost two years ago, there have been only 23 comebacks in the pro scene prior to the SL&i-league qualification game between Ukraine Natus Vincere and Russian Federation HellRaisers on the 29th of November.


The tweet from Ben Steenhuisen already includes the current game


At 35 minutes, Na`Vi was forced to give up their first lane of barracks, meaning a drop in gold and experience income until the end of the game (loss of 100 gold and 80 experience per creep wave). The second lane was conceded at 47 minutes while Na`Vi tried to pushed the middle lane for a trade. At 56 minutes, HellRaisers opted for another push in order close the game. Juggernaut Juggernaut, under the control of Russian Federation Ivan "ubah" Kapustin managed to take out the melee barracks, but the team failed to secure the mega creeps. The Born to Win squad was left in serious economical deficit, but our players still managed to scale their heroes and buy new items. After the successful defense of the remaining building, Na`Vi pushed down the middle lane and finally destroyed a lane of Radiant barracks on the back of Russian Federation Dmitry "Ditya Ra" Minenkov’s Phantom Lancer Phantom Lancer, who went for an unusual dual Butterfly build. Unfortunately, the push from our team meant that their single remaining barracks was left unattended. The glyph was not enough to ensure the time needed for teleporting back and HellRaisers, at 60 minutes, achieved mega creeps.


Na`Vi did not panic after losing their barracks. Instead, the team itemized to make sure they could fight on multiple fronts. Ditya Ra went for lifesteal in form a Helm of Dominator, preparing his hero for extended pushes against heavy opposition, as well as a Divine Rapier to ensure a higher damage output. Russian Federation Dmitry "Ax.Mo" Morozov, who was controlling Dark Seer Dark Seer, went for a Necrobook to help with the counter-push, after which he picked up a Boots of Travel, as did Russian Federation Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev, getting his low cooldown teleport on his Tusk Tusk. Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, on Lina Lina, went for lockdown and disable, picking up a Scythe of Vyse. These items helped in both the upcoming team fights as well as killing the creeps, thus keeping Na`Vi in the game.


With this victory, Natus Vincere became only the 4th team in v6.85 to achieve a comeback of such magnitude. Excellent decision making and a series of greatly executed team fights meant that our guys were always keeping up economically with the enemy team. Having the gold earned, Na`Vi was able to purchase the necessary items and beat the odds. Check out the highlights below!


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