Na`Vi in Golden League #3 finals

It seems it’s been a long time since we had some news about our tank squad. But that isn’t because nothing is happening to them, but because Natus Vincere players in the World of Tanks discipline have been intensively training during all this time for the golden league finals from Wargaming! Some serious battles are expected, and that’s why we suggest learning the details of the upcoming events to all fans of heavy artillery in the news below. 


In case some of you forgot, we’d like remind you: from February 27th to the 2nd of March 8 best Russian-speaking squads will determine in Minsk who’ll get the biggest piece of the one hundred thousand dollar pie. Before we start analyzing the balance of powers in these finals, we’d also like to remind you that LOL team 2 has lost their right of participating in the league’s third season because of match fixing allegations. In addition, we found out that UNIQUE couldn’t gather their boys. It’s a shame, but what can you do.   


So, the final battles of the third season will determine two teams that would get tickets to the Grand-Finals and the right to fight for the title of the best of the best in World of Tanks in a global sense. Over the past seasons players gained ranking points, awarded according to the place they occupied in a so called “golden” league.  


  • I place — 400 points;
  • II place — 150 points;
  • III-IV places — 100 points;
  • V-VIII places — 75 points;
  • IX-XVI places — 50 points.


Teams outside the best-eight circle have already earned 50 points each. The rest of the points will be distributed after the final battles. To date the overall picture looks as follows: 


Points by seasons
# Team Season 1 points Season 2 points Season 3 points Total
1 image Na`Vi 400 400   800
2 image RR-Unity 75 150   225
3 image NSTR 150 50 50 250
4 image LOL team 1 75 100 0 175
5 image M1ND 75 100   175
6 image A-Gaming 100 75   175
7 image RoX.KIS 100 75 50 225
8 image Synergy 75 75   150


It’s good to know that Natus Vincere have already secured their spot in the Grand-Final. We’ll have to wait a bit to learn the names of those teams that will keep them company. “So, when will you tell us?” – you may ask. Here’s when: 


Tournament bracket:

Турнирная сетка:

image Na`Vi      


image Na`Vi    
image NOD      

28.02 19:00

image A-Gaming      
2-0 image A-Gaming    
image SYNERGY      


image UNITY      


image UNITY    
image TAU GOW      



image M1ND



image ESC    
image ESC


All matches of the finals will be following the Olympic competition format with elimination after two losses (Full Double Elimination) in a series of five battles. In the super-final, however, the winner will be determined according to the results of seven battles. According to the information from league organizers, the next season’s regulations will undergo some changes.


Follow the report updates and cheer for Na’Vi. Start your engines!

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