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Recently, our team has acquired three players to build a new Dota 2 roster for 2017. UkraineNatus Vincere G2A chose to undertake a new road, moving from a CIS-only lineup to a European environment, in order to better address the changes happening in Dota in the past months. Having the possibility to consider a bigger pool of players, we opted for a very experienced captain who played Dota 1 professionally since 2009. SwedenPer Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille has been a member of different international teams (including United StatesEvil Geniuses and SwedenAlliance) and recently proved his leadership ability as a coach for United StatesDigital Chaos.
In an interview with cybersport.ru, Pajkatt explained that he “learned a lot about coaching, but still wanted to play.” He never stopped training and improving - his recent position also taught him how to become a better player. “During my inactive time I played around the same time as usual. I think I am in good spirits and ready to return to pro scene. This year I learned a lot about myself and teamwork.
We will feature his gameplay with multiple hero guides in the following months, in order to explain to our fans the tactical choices and builds of our new captain; but today let’s have a look at his general statistics in pub.
Roles and Lanes
SwedenPajkatt, as well as UkraineDendi and UkraineGeneRaL, belongs to the elite of players that have been rewarded with a ticket to the 8K MMR club. He is mainly a core player, position that he selected in 95% of his games - obtaining a 60.9% win rate. According to Dotabuff, this is the distribution of his games as a core: 51% in safe lane, 30% in mid, 16% in off, 2% roaming, and 1% in the jungle.
Our team will reunite for a bootcamp in our headquarters in UkraineKyiv after January 20, and afterwards we will start competing in our first tournaments. Considering our team composition, he will cover the same role in which he excels by a lifetime. Some consider it extremely difficult to execute the captain’s tasks while also playing as a carry, because both of the duties can cause a huge mental distress and require to pay great attention to multiple aspects of the game. It explains why, often, the captain is one of the supports. We trust Pajkatt, his ability and experience, and we are sure that he will perform his job impeccably. Before judging, give us the time to train, reinforce the squad consistency, and test our performance on the battlefield in the months to come.
Most played heroes in v7.01
Looking at Pajkatt’s match history, we can notice that he is a very active Dota 2 player, with multiple matches at day - almost daily, in fact, and boasts a very wide hero pool in pub. In the past week he picked two heroes the most: Morphling and Juggernaut. They are both in the top 10 of his most played heroes. Morphling Morphling holds the 5th place with 143 games and a 58.7% win rate, while Juggernaut Juggernaut is on the 9th with 99 games and a 66.6% win rate. His most played heroes ever are Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend and Queen of Pain Queen of Pain, with 191 and 181 games each, and a win rate greater than 60%. Instead, his most successful heroes are Broodmother Broodmother with 96 matches and a 85% win rate, and Lone Druid Lone Druid with 77 games and a 77.7% win rate - but, both of them haven’t been played recently, in particular Broodmother, which last game is dated to 11 months ago.
He played a total of 26 different heroes in v7.01 and 27 in v7.00. Of course, taking into consideration all the multiple changes that the new patch brought to the game, we can’t predict which heroes he will prefer for the next competitive matches. Drow Ranger Drow Ranger is surely the victor in this first phase, with 7 games and an increasing win rate, 75%. In 7.01, Anti-Mage Anti-Mage is also noteworthy as far as number of picks goes, but the win rate has never exceeded 50%. Finally, we find again Morphling and Juggernaut: in 7.00 the results were lackluster but in 7.01 the games were top notch, with 100% win rate over 3 games on the former, and 66% over 6 on the latter.
These graphics reflect some trends from August onwards. In the first you will easily notice that his average GPM steadily increased over time; thus he is having a better time as a carry. The source of this change can be detected by taking a look at the KDA Ratio and the LH/10 (last hit per 10 minutes). 
KDA Ratio and LH/10
The KDA Ratio is almost the same, just slightly worse. It can be caused by different factors, such as more deaths brought by a higher ganking activity, or a different distribution of the kills. The LH/10, after remaining almost the same until the early days of November, started increasing substantially, and we believe there is still room for improvements. This trend began before the new patch was out, so we can consider its influence negligible in this case. Overall, we simply believe that SwedenPajkatt is doing his best to improve his farming ability and exploit any inch of the map. We will have a concrete proof to this statement only when UkraineNatus Vincere will start its next war season, because pubs are too casual of an environment to determine the evolution of a player’s gameplay.
Credits: Statistics and pictures courtesy of Dotabuff
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