Na`Vi facing ZHOME and mTw today!


The boys are arriving in Kiev today and will be playing their official matches in The Defense and GosuLeague at our office! 
Our first opponent of the day will be image ZHOME, a Jordanian team more known as yR. image 3aser and co are relatively young, as their other allias suggests (Young Rebelz), the  guys are relatively unexperienced and the meet-up with image Na`Vi should be a really nice learning experience for them.

Next task at hand would be image mTw. Their top form is kind of long gone even though they managed to beat image Empire and image zNation and scored a tie in their series against image M5 in StarLadder. Their recent performances have been disappointing lately, they didn't manage to qualify for the offline finals of SLTV, lost to image Darer, lost to image CLG. Can image syndereN and his little army of hard working players redeem themselves by beating Na`Vi? You should stick around for the matches that will be starting at respectively 18.00 and 20.30 CET to find out!
Be sure to follow us even more close these days, we'll be adding some content to our website obviously because our boys are here! Thanks for all the support and don't forget to stay awesome guys!
Stream for the match against image ZHOME casted by image Sheever, 18.00 CET!
Stream for the match against image mTw, casted by image TobiWanKenobi, 20.30 CET!

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