Na`Vi denies ArtStyle leaving DotA squad

On behalf of image Natus Vincere we would like to comment the recent rumor about image Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov leaving image Na`Vi.DotA. Unfortunately we can neither confirm or deny these rumors as we did not receive any official statement by ArtStyle. At the moment we are trying to reach Ivan to discuss the incident. As soon as we can do so, we will be able to provide you with the detailed update.

UPDATE: We'd like to deny the rumors about image ArtStyle leaving our DotA squad. Few days ago Ivan was suspected to have a serious disease but luckily the diagnosis was not confirmed. At the moment Na`Vi.DotA teamleader feels good and the whole team have started to practice for image OSPL Spring 2011 in Kazakhstan. We at Natus Vincere would like to thank all website visitors and fans for your support and patience. image Na`Vi.DotA will bring you lot of action and new victories!

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