Na`Vi acquire a new roster

The eSports club Natus Vincere announces a new divison. From now on, the Dota 2, CS:GO, World of Tanks and FIFA rosters receive a new friend – an Infinite Crisis team. The free-to-play game is a multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA game, based on the DC Comics (DC Universe)


The roster we acquire has already managed to prove itself, reaching top places. And with Natus Vincere’s support, the sky is the limit for them.


Comment by the captain of the team, Taavi “Taavi” Ojavee:


“We are very grateful for the opportunity to join one of the most known organizations in eSports, Natus Vincere. Na`Vi has always been in the top of the scene, what can’t be ignored. Now, under the Na`Vi tag we will do the best we can to be the number one team in Infinite Crisis. We can’t wait for our partnership with Natus Vincere to begin and we will make sure that it will be successful!”


Comment by Natus Vincere’s COO, Igor “caff” Sidorenko:


“Opening a new division is always a risk – especially in a new game. But we believe in our new discipline and roster, that is one of the pioneers of Infinite Crisis. I’m sure that the team will make an effort to reach the necessary results, and our experience in management will help them to think only about the game and results.”




Alexandr "JU7SU" Kikkas - (Estonia)
Taavi "Taavi" Ojavee - (Estonia)
Lauri "Endless" Tarkus - (Estonia)
Johannes "EZ" Harrsen - (Sweden)
Matic "Zarmony" Mikec - (Slovenia)



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