Bonuses for Na`Vi fans from partners


Do you think sponsors are just logos on the t-shirts and ever-present ads? Well, you’re wrong then. Our partners have proven that eSports can bring dividends not to the pro-players only, but to fans as well. We’re now preparing a couple of great projects in cooperation with our new partner EgamingBets and G2A platform, which has now become the title sponsor of Na`Vi.


The game is more than just a game on these platforms. For instance, the referral program G2A Goldmine participants were paid more then one million Euros by the end of January 2015. Another Na`Vi partner, EgamingBets, will give you up to $50 for each real player brought to the site. Now add special terms for Na`Vi fans. You’ll like it. Since the bonuses, substantial privileges and contests with prizes are waiting for you.


There’s even more beyond the referral programs. The G2A aggregator provides you the best offers of games sale&purchase and activation keys for Steam, Origin,, Xbox Live and many others. G2A is appreciated for unique prices and high-level security. That’s the reason it has become one of the most popular platforms in the European market.

EgamingBets  is the best betting site for eSports fans. Do you know a lot about the teams? Place your bets to get real profit of your gaming hobby. Besides gains, EgamingBets gives to its users more then $100 000 bonuses each month, just for placing bets.


How to use it all? On maximum!

Bonuses for Na`Vi fans are coming soon.

Stay in touch!

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