New Na`Vi pennant



We are looking forward to the brightest and the most ambitious eSport tournament of the year - The International 4. Our guys need their fans support as never before. Specially for the upcoming event we present an updated version of the Natus Vincere Dota 2 pennant. If you have Na`Vi pennant, you not only support your favourite team but join a large army of our team's fans.


Namely Na`Vi fans bought the biggest amount of teams pennants the last year.


Show your support for a team by buying this Team Pennant! Equip it in the 'fan slot' of your Player Loadout to show other spectators who you're rooting for. Upgrade it to show you mean business! In addition, equipping a pennant makes you eligible for item drops while you spectate your team's matches live during Valve supported tournaments. Pennants can be combined with other pennants to upgrade your Team Pennant fan level. The level of your Team Pennant will increase the total fan value of the team when you are spectating a Tournament match.



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#1 id babymilo 27 May 2014, 17:58
champion in TI4
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#2 ph grandeesauto 5 June 2014, 09:38
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#3 sk bobo@grivs 20 June 2014, 13:11
Looks more serious than that fist. *thumbs up*
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