Na`Vi playing FnaticRC and M5 today!

imageWith The International #2 qualifiers and all the delays following them, we can finally delight ourselves with some image Na`Vi matches! Our  boys are currently bootcamping and will be playing from Cybersports Arena as most of you have already noticed (Puppey casted a few of the matches from the qualifiers before he had to leave Tobi to solo-cast because the "Arena" was setting up for Euro 2012 matches commentary)

Our first match will be against image Moscow Five, and will be played at 16.00 CET for Prodota's Dota 2 League. The Russians have been a bit quiet lately, but so have we. They've just recently informed the Dota 2 world that they won't be attending Dreamhack due to struggles with applications for foreign passports. With this recent turnout of events are they still motivated practice or win games? We'll find out today.

Our next match-up will be against image FnaticRaidcall. The European mix of nationalities under the black and orange flag hasn't been impressing with performance lately but there is a reason for that! The guys have been practicing and will be practicting Heroes of Newerth as they will be competing at Dreamhack Summer's HoN Beat It tournament! They've also just recently bagged 5000$ in the Cooler Master HoNor Cup. Since the very beginning of their switch to Dota 2, FnaticRC has been taking the game very seriously and they will continue doing so. Are they ready to challenge image Na`Vi though? Tune in today at 18.00 CET to find out!


Stream for the match against image M5 casted by image TobiWanKenobi, 16.00 CET!



Stream for the match against image FnaticRaidcall, casted by Luminous and LD,18.00 PM CET!


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#1 9 July 2012, 03:10
ipl main bacha teams kay sath khaltay hain indain, jahan world champians(pakistani) naheen hotay, laikin yeh bacha game naheen icc world cup hai. yahan dood ka dood aur pani ka pani ho jay ga
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#2 9 July 2012, 14:21
PZqSdw hgwnmderzqiu
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#3 10 July 2012, 20:26
TH6UcV rhmemcaifitx
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