Na`Vi playing SGC in StarLadder!

imageV1lat's ladder of the stars is back with some more action today with the match between image Na`Vi and image SGC. We haven't played the Czech/Slovak squad in a long while and that will definitely be an interesting clash! SGC haven't had the best form lately, losing their last 5 matches. Na`Vi's performance on the other hand has also been lacking as of late.
And although in our last match we won vs image VP, our team has a lot to prove. So do image SGC though!

We're in for a rapid and ruthless fight in StarLadder Series #2, be sure not to miss it today at 18.00 CET!

We at will as always keep you updated regarding our team's performance!




image English Stream for the match against image SGC casted by image PurgeGamers, 18.00 PM CET!




image Russian stream for the match against image SGC casted by image v1lat, 18.00 PM CET



AuthorXeozor Date25 May 2012, 05:57 Views3334 Comments2
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User Deleted
#1 25 May 2012, 12:46
Нас ожидает очередной рэйп от бомжей?
User Deleted
#2 25 May 2012, 18:50
Мда, Вилат сказал что НаВи не знали о матче, и им пришлось "отвлекать" Денди от Диабло и искать замены Хвосту и Смайлу! Менеджер тоже в Диобло играет?
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