Na`Vi playing team Dignitas at 19.00 PM



UPDATE: Our team gets a win against team Dignitas!
Our team will be facing ex image PHG in StarLadder! Our last encounter went in our favour where our team experimented with some pretty innovative strats. The game was enjoyable to watch and both teams played an entertaining style.
The Romanians have been stable since the formation of their roster and have kept things unchanged. They have a pretty good showing in every single match they play, and lately, as some of their results state - as for beating image Next.KZ , image DTS and image Mouz, this team is not to be underestimated.
Have image Dignitas learned their lesson though? Will they be able to put on a SjoW* today or will they fall to Na`Vi again?

*word play with Dignitas' Starcraft 2 Swedish player SjoW

Be sure not to miss the stream tonight!

image English stream with PurgeGamers for the match against image Dignitas 19.00 PM CET



image Russian stream with v1lat for the match against image Dignitas 19.00 PM CET



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