Na`Vi playing vs Infused and VP today!

Another day, another challenge for our boys! They'll be going head to head with image Infused and image Virtus Pro's squads at respectively 19.00 and 21.00 CET.

After our three disappointing losses against image CLG and image mouz, we managed to beat image mTw yesterday and make up for the poor performance in the last few days. Today we have another chance to prove once again that we're the best team in the world and we will be sure not to miss it! image XBOCT recently informed the community and the fans about the recent state of our team through an interview. The conducted article shed some light on the matter and now that our team is able to practice heavily, you'll be seeing a refreshed and solid image Na`Vi!

Our first match-up will be against image Infused who have been performing really good as of late, beating notable teams such as image DTS, image M5 and image The Swedes have been a strong competitor since the start of the beta and have always looked promising. The match for Prodota2 League against them will be played at 19.00 CET and will  be streamed by joinDOTA's very own image TobiWan!

The next challenge for our team will be the boys of Virtus Pro. People have had really high expectations but unfortunately image VP can not live up to them yet. Losing to teams such as image Keita, image Wolves or image Darer can not be called shameful at all, but the legendary team name and the players in it have set the bar really high by default and they'll have to step up their game. What better way to do it than to win against the reigning champions of Dota 2? The arena of the battle will be The Premier league, be sure to tune in 2 hours after the match against Infused (21.00 CET) and support our guys!


Stream for the match against image Infused, 19.00 CET!


Stream for the match against image Virtus Pro, 21.00 CET

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#1 8 July 2012, 18:15
no, she was fun to play and against why riot nerf her is besuace she is 1 totally OP in low elo where players were retarded. 2 totally under-powered and not very useful in high elo, no one pick her anyway (Elementz insisted she is strong and got RAPED in ESL TWICE!!). Since no one use her in high elo and noobs keep QQing shes OP, Riot decide to nerf her to keep the noobs STFU, where high elo dont mind since they dont play her anyway
User Deleted
#2 9 July 2012, 13:25
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User Deleted
#3 10 July 2012, 19:31
MfoEhI iqmvnmwtdbxp
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