Na`Vi participating in Raidcall EMS One



After a relatively long absence in the world of Dota, ESL is back, picking up our beloved game once again! We're proud be a part of the list of the 8 invited teams and will gladly compete alongside the squads of image Fnatic, image Virtus.Pro, image No Tidehunter, image 3DMAX, image DDota, image Empire and image mouz!

16 more teams will join us and the other invited teams in Division A in a battle for a chunk of the impressive 35 000$ prize pool!
Everyone can sign up, fight their way through the qualifiers and find themselves playing against their favourite pro players!




You can read ESL's official post and learn more about their new system by following this link!


image Prize pool:


image 1st place - $12 000
image 2nd place - $7 000
image 3rd place - $4 000
image 4th place - $4 000
image 5-8th place - $2 000


image Schedule:


image EMS Cup #1 - February 11-13th
image EMS Cup #2 - February 18-20th
image EMS Cup #3 - February 25-27th
image EMS Cup #4 - Mart 11-13th

image Group phase:

Group A & B - Мarch 18-24th
Group С & D -  Мarch 25-31th


image LAN finals - April 13-14th



ESL Major Series One will consist of four seasons throughout 2013 and will feature a total prize pool of 156,000$! The first edition starts in less than a week!
Be sure to follow our team's performance as usual, we will of course keep you updated regarding their performance.

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