Na`Vi's participation in StarLadder CS:G



StarSeries' online round is over and unfortunately, our team didn't manage to qualify. On a brighter note though, image Na`Vi:CSGO showed big improvement over a short period of time. Seven wins and eight losses out of fifteen matches in a game that's new to them and they haven't practiced much yet! The future definitely looks promising for us!
Please keep supporting our team through their journey, they are working hard every day, trying to make you proud of their performance in each official match!

Next tournaments for our CS:GO team to come in January, 2013! We will as always keep you updating on their progress! 
Tournament standings for Na`Vi:
                              G    W    D    L    Round Difference    Points

11. image Na`Vi      15    7    0     8                -30                      21

Match history:

27.11.2012   image  Rush3D vs   image  Natus Vincere   16:10 @ de_dust2
27.11.2012   image  JAS vs   image  Natus Vincere   16:04 @ de_dust2
27.11.2012   image vs   image  Natus Vincere   16:03 @ de_train
28.11.2012   image  Natus Vincere vs   image  zNation   16:09 @ de_mirage
28.11.2012   image  Hawks vs  image  Natus Vincere   16:09 @ de_train
29.11.2012   image  daTTeam vs   image  Natus Vincere   16:14 @ de_mirage
03.12.2012   image  Natus Vincere vs   image  Alternate Attax   16:07 @ de_mirage
04.12.2012   image  Copenhagen Wolves vs   image  Natus Vincere   16:09 @ de_mirage
06.12.2012   image  Natus Vincere vs    image  ESC Gaming   08:16 @ de_train
06.12.2012   image  Natus Vincere vs   image  Mousesports   08:16 @ de_dust2

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