Na’Vi Quantified - December

Starladder matches were not only the final strokes of December but of the year as well. In December, Natus Vincere played 29 games throughout 4 different tournaments. Three of them were played with a stand-in, and, unfortunately, last month wasn’t as successful as it could’ve been. The squad lost in the Dota 2 Champions League play-offs not taking any prize-worthy spot in the tournament, and also lost to Fnatic in the EMS One Fall semi-final match. 


As mentioned above, the team played 29 games. Na’Vi was victorious in 16 of them + one match was forfeited by 4FC in SLTV 8.


Last month the team took part in the Dota 2 Champions League, Dota 2 League Season 4, EMS One Fall Finals and Starladder 8 Prelims. Squared off against many teams but most frequently against Fnatic and Sigma.Int.


The team had first pick/ban privilege on only 13 occasions out of 29, while the majority of games was played on the Dire side. 

Before we go to the next diagrams, it’s important to note that one match’s results are not in them because of technical reasons. Group stage game between Natus Vincere and Vici Gaming was conducted on a LAN-host since servers were under heavy DDOS fire at the time.


While having the first pick and ban option in 13 games, Natus Vincere took and blocked the following heroes:

As portrayed above, Io became the most desirable FP hero for Na’Vi, while the most dreaded heroes by Puppey were Nature`s Prophet and Bane.


Now, let’s move on to the heroes which received the most picked and the most banned titles from Natus Vincere in December:

As usual, our team’s draft last month included an abundance of different heroes. In addition to the top-5, Outworld Devourer, Weaver, Nature`s Prophet and Slark also contested the spot of the most frequently banned hero. The latter, incidentally, has only recently been returned to CM, but thanks to the changes in the last patch, already has the potential of becoming a huge problem for any team.


The full draft list:

It’s time to move on to the last part of the December issue of Na’Vi Quantified. Let’s take a look at the personal stats of each of the players. Their max and overall KDA indicators:

Dendi has the primacy in the killing department, but XBOCT managed to surpass him by max killings per one game. Kuroky died the most last month, but also managed to grab 2 assists more than Puppey, thus securing the first spot in that category.


In my opinion, the month wasn’t very successful for Na’Vi, but it wasn’t all that bad as well. Even though the team is comfortably sitting on the top spot of their Starladder 8 group, it is still very dependent on their last match of the SLTV regular season against FlipSide which will take place on January 5th. Hopefully, another successful year for Natus Vincere will start with a win in this match.


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