Na’Vi Quantified - February

Over the past month Natus Vincere played 23 games in only three tournaments: MLG T.K.O. where, unfortunately,  Na'Vi's performance wasn't successful, the group stage of Dota 2 Champions League and a not-so-standard XMG Captains Draft Invitational tournament.


Below you may find out which teams Natus Vincere met with in February, the team's win rate, and also how many times out of all the meetings Na'Vi had first pick and which side they played for. 


On 8 occasions when our team had the first ban and pick, as you may see below, most frequently Dendi's Invoker was picked first. Five different heroes went out as First Bans from Na'Vi, and the first place is shared between 3 heroes - Nyx Assassin, Crystal Maiden and Bane.



We'll start our review of the heroes that were banned or picked by Na'Vi from the top of the list. The names of the most popular heroes as drafted by the team are as follows:



Interestingly, such heroes as Elder Titan and Alchemist that dominated the ban and pick standings a month or two ago, are currently sitting at the very bottom of the list. As many people have said, Dota is one of the disciplines where many things depend on the current trends. For instance, this month Ember Spirit occupies one of the first spots on teams' draft list and will most certainly take an equally important spot in March's quantification, but in about a month we may as well see him sink into oblivion, who knows. 


Last month Na'Vi had also pleased their fans by choosing Pudge in two games. And Dendi led his team to victory both times on this hero.



Time to move on to the individual stats of each of the players in February. Who got the most kills, and who fed the most?



Kuroky led his team with the most trips to the fountain last month. XBOCT led the way in the killing department as well as by the number of kills per match. It has already become a tradition that our quantitative analysis ends with a diagram of Na'Vi's record setting games for the past month.



All their longest games Natus Vincere played in the Dota 2 Champions League, and the fastest games were played under the emblem of MLG T.K.O.


Very soon you will be able to see the quantification of our team's performances for this month as well. Why so quickly, you may ask. The thing is that after the Na'Vi - Alliance game in Starladder our boys will be taking a short vacation till the end of Match, so we will only be able to follow their new accomplishments no earlier than the beginning of April.


How do you personally grade Natus Vincere's performance in February? Reply in comments.


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