Na’Vi Quantified - November

Last month turned out to be jam-packed with games for Na’Vi.Dota2. The team took part in many matches across 6 different tournaments, 3 of which were held on LAN. Looking only at this, you could already assume that neither the top-tier dota 2 teams nor Natus Vincere fans were bored in November. In this edition of “Na’Vi Quantified” we will take a closer look at how the team did this past action-packed month. 


Over the span of 30 days in November, our team played 63 games, in 40 of which Natus Vincere were victorious. The matches were part of MLG, DreamLeague (group stage as well as the play-offs of DreamHack Winter 2013), Dota 2 League Season 4, WePlay and TechLabs Moscow. Most frequently our team faced such opponents as the Alliance and Team Liquid, and almost as frequently Na’Vi squared off against Fnatic. Out of 63 games, Natus Vincere played 36 times on the Dire side, and their cumulative first pick/first ban count only trailed that number by 1 – 35 times the team picked and banned their heroes first.    

Having found out the number of times Na’Vi captain had the first ban/first pick prerogative, let’s take a look at the heroes which were given the #1 pick/ban priorities:

Interestingly, when compared to October’s data, the overall number of heroes in the FB and FP pool has noticeably increased. From heroes that received the honors of being first-picked and first-banned by Natus Vincere, we move on to those that were picked or banned the most overall: 

As we can see, Elder Titan was the most despicable hero to Na’Vi in November, beating the Nature’s Prophet by only one point to this “prestigious” nomination. With a mark of 28 times, Funn1k’s Clockwerk bears the palm branch of the most picked hero by Na’Vi. Now, let’s figure out the rest of picks and bans by Na’Vi last month: 

Moving on to player stats in 63 games:

Just as the last time, “Na’Vi Quantified” will rest its case with an overview of games which Natus Vincere managed to finish in record time and those that took the most time to finish.


Well, that is all for this edition of “Na’Vi Quantified” dedicated to the month of November. Last month, our team managed to capture such titles as the champions of DreamHack Winter 2013, Techlabs Moscow 2013 and WePlay Season 2. All that’s left to do is continue keeping a watchful eye over the team and hope that this month will bring us even more games, as exciting as ever. As early as tomorrow, EMS One LAN-finals await us with Natus Vincere taking on some familiar and non-so-familiar opponents.


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