Na’Vi Quantified: ArtStyle vs ARS-ART

As you may remember from the previous edition, this third and last special edition will cover the stats of a Na’Vi player who was part of the winning team at The International 1 in 2011. Although comparing him to anyone wouldn't not be very correct, for convenience ARS-ART’s stats will be matches to his. When he left Na’Vi, ARS-ART was the one to replace him.


ArtStyle occupied the role of the team captain and carry player of Na’Vi, and before The International, where Dota 2 was introduced, Ivan had won up to 9 titles with the team in six months.


The performance itself of Natus Vincere at The International 2011 lasted for only 10 games. The squad rushed through the winners bracket without any difficulties straight into the grand finals where they managed to capture the most significant title in team history by beating a team from China - EHOME.


Before we give some additional thought to the overall in-game role of ArtStyle in Na’Vi, let’s look at his average performance indicators at TI1:

ArtStyle killed a lot, you can’t take that away from him. He could always bring sheer chaos to enemy ranks by hooking somebody on Pudge or by rushing into battle before all his teammates either on Slardar or Night Stalker.  


The complete hero list of Ivan looks as follows:

Before we move on to the final and bonus part of this comparative analysis we will consider ArtStyle’s max performance indicators. Below you may find out just how many enemies Ivan could kill in one match and how many times max he could feed them:

After ArtStyle’s departure the captain’s role was taken on by Puppey. Many of you probably remember that the community had serious doubts concerning this move and the following LAN-tournament was a true test for Clement in this role.


Luckily, he passed the test quite successfully, and the tournament brought not only the champions title to the team, but some unforgettable emotions from the grand finals as well.


The last diagram clearly depicts the two captains’ drafts – ArtStyle's at The International 2011 and Puppey’s at the ESWC 2011.

Although hero pull of “those times” compared to the current meta was very limited, the difference between picks and bans of these two players was quite significant.

In comparison with The International 2011, where Spectre and AntiMage were banned in the first place almost certainly, at ESWC ban-leadership was taken away from them by Lich and Tidehunter. Also, Natus Vincere began running new heroes, such as, for example, Faceless Void. And the two-time Pudge pick in the ESWC 2011 grand-finals against EHOME left no viewer indifferent. 


With this we can finish our series of comparative analyses for now. Most likely, there will be other similar statistical comparisons waiting for you in the future, in which other tournaments, players and even teams will be compared.


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