Na’Vi Quantified: Kuroky vs ARS-ART

This edition marks the start of our new series of statistical comparative analyses. Today we will compare the results of Na’Vi support players at the times of The International 2012 and 2013. During TI2, as we remember, this role was occupied by ARS-ART, and a year later, after two players were replaced in March, Kuroky became the support player of Na’Vi. Namely, the stats of these two players will be compared.


Let’s start by mentioning that during The International 2013 Na’Vi took part in 30 matches with Kuroky in its roster, and at TI2 the number of matches played with Smile was 27.


With the first diagram we can compare the average performance indicators of Kuroky and Smile over the span of both Internationals. As you can see, Sergei outperforms the current Natus Vincere support player by the majority of parameters. Kuro outdid ARS-ART only by the average kills per game: 2.7 vs 2.3, and just slightly by assists – 2.4 vs 2.3, and by deaths per match.  


Stats of the heroes which were used by these two players over the two tournaments are vastly different, mostly this depends on team picks which were popular at the time, and Natus Vincere were no exception to that rule. For example, during TI2 Rubick, that confidently takes the first spot amongst Kuroky’s heroes, was used extremely seldom as a support, and even if picked, would occupy the solo-mid role. Nyx Assassin, still played quite often by Kuro nowadays, made only one appearance at TI2 for Na’Vi in the last game of the Grand Finals which, unfortunately, as we all know, didn’t end well for our team. And the popularity of such hero as Leshrac played by Natus Vincere has also dropped since “those times”, but you can see it for yourselves in the diagram below:


Now, let’s take a look at K/D/A indicators one more time, but this time move on to record-setting numbers which Kuroky and ARS-ART were able to reach:


Lastly, I would like to compare the items completed by the two support players of Natus Vincere at both tournaments. For this comparison, I specifically chose those items that are recommended to support heroes and are used most frequently by full-support players at the competitive scene.



Anyone who follows Natus Vincere understands that in most cases Mek purchase rests on the shoulders of Puppey, but there are games where, under the condition of a successful start, a full-support player could also afford completing this item. This situation happened to Smile three times at The International 2012, and to Kuroky at The International 2013 – twice.


Although Arcane Boots and Ghost Scepter were a part of these two players’ item builds on an almost equal number of occasions, there were still some notable differences nonetheless. For instance, the purchase of the Urn of Shadows was made several times more often by Kuroky than by ARS-ART, who, in his turn, didn’t complete the Force Staff with the Medallion of Courage at TI2.


Unfortunately, it is extremely problematic to count all the items purchased by these two players in each game, let alone the wards. On this note, I think we can end the comparative performance analysis between the two Natus Vincere supports at two different time periods. A bit later we will take a look in the same way at Funn1k and LightOfHeaven’s performance at The International 2012 and 2013.

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