Na`Vi invited to DreamHack Leipzig

The Born to Win got direct invite to the next DreamHack Open, which will be held in Leipzig on 22-24 January. Apart from Ukraine Na`Vi, five more teams will be invited to the tournament, while two remaining slots will be granted to the winners of the qualifiers. 
DreamHack Open will become one of the first grand tournaments in 2016. In late January, eight team will come to Leipzig, Germany, to compete over large prize pool of $ 100 000. As of now, only 4 participants have been announced. and BrazilLuminosity Gaming had received their invites earlier. The invites to Ukraine Natus Vincere and Germanymousesports were announced earlier this day. The next 2 invited teams will be informed next week.
According to the organizers of the tournament, the Born to Win haven't been chosen by chance. The team has achieved great results across the season and "finished on a high note in 2015". Furthermore, Ukraine Natus Vincere is the runner-up of the previous DreamHack Open held in Cluj-Napoca, having been defeated by FranceEnVyUs. Let's support our players in their aspiration for first place at the next DreamHack!
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