Na`Vi.G2A returns to Cologne


On 7 July CIS Natus Vincere G2A will go to Cologne to participate in a grandiose tournament ESL One Cologne 2017. The Born to Win got direct invite to the competition. They'll put every effort to achieve the best possible result.


We are pretty sure that the guys will take a very serious approach to training before ESL One Cologne 2017 and prepare many strategies and tactics. The past tournament StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 proved the team is developing in the right direction and is capable of demonstrating the effective performance we all expect them to show.


Cologne as an eSports capital city


Our teams have visited Cologne so many times, that Natus Vincere feels at home in the city. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has trice played at the tournaments of ESL One series held in the German city in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Alas CIS Na`Vi took 5-8 places at every of the events. Let's hope that the team will manage to improve their results this year and heat at least top3.



As concerns other titles, in 2015 our Heroes of the Storm team played here and took third place at the qualifiers of World Cyber Arena 2015. The International 2011 is worth separate mentioning. It was held at gaming expo gamesсom. As we remember Natus Vincere triumphed at this event: they won the first $ 1 000 000 prize in eSports, took first place and became the legends!


Consistency is the class


This is the third time ESL One Cologne 2017 will be held at Lanxess arena. This place is relatively new: it was built in 1996, but it was opened only 2 years later. The seating capacity of the venue 20 000 (19 500 for handball and 18 500 for ball hockey). The price of tickets ranges from € 49.90 to from € 2,999 (for 5 people) for 3 days (depending on the services provided).  



Cologne outside eSports


Cologne is the third largest city in Germany and the fourth most populated one. It is a very old and beautiful European town with many tourist attraction apart eSports competitions. Cologne Cathedral is one of the key sightseeing spots. Built around 800 years ago, it managed to stand the eventful European history, including the 2 world words that eliminated many pieces of local architecture. During the WWII the cathedral was hit by 3 bombs, but was powerful enough not to fall. Seems like people had a serious approach to building back in 13th century. The cathedral is worth visiting to soak the energy of the endurance and power.


There are many other churches in Cologne, as well as museums. We suggest Museum of Chocolate to sweet tooth, museum of perfumes to those who come with girlfriends, and numerous art galleries to everyone who loves art. Cologne has plenty places to entertain tourists, even the most sophisticated ones. 


If you do not wish to spend too much time running around the museums, you can simply take a walk around the city. It is very beautiful both in day and at night. And if you happen to visit it on 7-9 July, don't forget to come to Lanxess Arena and support CIS Natus Vincere, which will play at ESL One Cologne 2017. If you are planning your trip, we suggest using the services of our partner Jetradar — the best platform for buying the tickets!


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