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Are you a loyal fan of at least one Natus Vincere squad and you want to know everything about the upcoming events? We've got just the thing for you! From now on, we will post the schedule of upcoming events and boot camps that we will participate in, so you can stay in touch with your favorite team!


Several of the hottest (no pun intended!) months are coming. They will begin with a Dota 2 tournament, where the team will be traveling to Los Angeles on 3 June to participate in Beyond The Summit 2014. Let us remind you that we have received a direct invite into that tournament.
At around the same time (from 4 to 12 June), our CS:GO guys will gather in Kiev for their boot camp to get ready for DreamHack Summer 2014. Right after the boot camp, they'll go to Jönköping to participate in DHS. We'd like to note that our new squad in Infinite Crisis will also participate in DHS show match. Then, Zeus & Co will fly to Dallas for ESEA LAN-finals. Finally, a trip far-far away for our CS guys! 
There is also another LAN-event scheduled right after, but we are not yet sure if we will participate in it.
Dota 2 squad will continue after CS:GO, and shortly after BTS they will spend some time in Kiev/Kharkiv/Tartu/Berlin/Lviv. However, in 10 days they will once again go on a journey. And, they will be together until the end of TI4! 
From 19 to 26 June, in Cologne, Germany, the team will be working hard to prepare for two tournaments – ESL One Frankfurt and The International 4. After several weeks of training, and participating in Frankfurt tournament, guys will come back to Cologne for another boot camp. The team will then travel to Seattle for The International 4.
Discipline Event Date Place Prize money
Beyond The Summit 2014 June 3 - 9th  United States Minor Outlying Islands Los-Angeles $115,065
DreamHack Summer 2014 June 13 - 17th   Sweden Jonkoping $30,000
DreamHack Summer 2014 June 13 - 17th   Sweden Jonkoping $13,000
ESEA June 27 - 29th  United States Minor Outlying Islands Dallas TBA
TBA TBA United States Minor Outlying Islands USA TBA
ESL Frankfurt 2014 June 28 - 29th  Ukraine Frankfurt $194,607
The International 2014 July 4 - 22nd  United States Minor Outlying Islands Seattle $6,863,126
WGL 2014 Final TBA Belarus Minsk TBA


United Kingdom London TBA


This is the schedule for the upcoming tournaments in June and July. CS:GO tournament in London will take place in the beginning of August. We will definitely post interesting videos, news updates, and interviews from those events. Bookmark to ensure you don't miss out on any of our content! HF and GL, everyone!
Discipline Event Date Place
Bootcamp before DHS 2014 June 4 - 12nd   Ukraine Kiev
Bootcamp before ESL / TI4 June 19 - 26th   Ukraine Cologne
Bootcamp before TI4 June 30 - July 3rd  Ukraine Cologne


If you wonder why Na'VI.Dota 2 are having their boot camp in Cologne instead of Kiev, then you should check out Dota 2 manager's blog – Ievgen 'Razzoc' Dubravin explained the reason for this change.
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#1 ua Steccky 27 May 2014, 21:13
Nicely done! I hope the team will get back on the track soon! :) #NaviLive
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#2 ph C.Clown 28 May 2014, 02:27
Na'Vi gonna win this tournaments... ^_^
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Could somebody link me to the games that Puppey and Kuroky commented? i saw ones where Kuro commented with Sheever and Draskyl
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