Na`Vi is DreamHack runner-up


The grand-final match of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca is over. Our team finished one step away from the victory after the loss against the French players from French GuianaEnVyUs. Despite the defeat, the result shown by our guys is definitely worthy of respect, especially considering all great plays they have shown over the course of the last 5 days.


The Born to Win had all chances to come out on top in this intense grand-final clash. One of their strongest maps, de_train, was played first, but they were a little less lucky, sometimes less composed, and the map ended differently than it could. A close 16:14 score proves it out. The next map, de_cobblestone, was the rival's pick, and most rounds went under the perfect control of French GuianaEnVyUs. Even though UkraineNatus Vincere players weren't giving up and fought till the end, they unfortunately failed to stop the momentum of the French, motivated by the win on the first map.





[14:16 de_train]

[5:16 de_cbble]

Tournament results

top 1 place - 100 000$ — France EnVyUs

top 2 place - 50 000$ — Ukraine Natus Vincere

top 3 top 4 place - 22 000$ — InternationalG2, SwedenNiP

top 5-8 place - 10 000$ — Sweden fnatic,, DenmarkTSM, Brazil Luminosity

top 9-16 place - 2 000$ — PolandVexed, UkraineFlipsid3 Tactics, United StatesTeam Liquid, Denmarkdignitas, United States Cloud9, GermanyMousesports, FranceTitan, United StatesCLG


It is certainly not easy to lose in the final stage of such a great tournament. Our guys are probably having a hard time, so please show all your love and support to them and say thank you for their wonderful plays and all emotions their wins have gifted! Stay with Na`Vi!

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