Na`Vi to launch Push-notifications!


Yesterday a new service was launched on our website, which will enable you to stay in information space of Natus Vincere! Now you can learn about all exciting events of our team and updates on our website much faster. Sign-up to the Push-notifications by Na`Vi!

What is it? 

Push-notifications are the messages, which are displayed over the windows of the running programs. Supported by many applications, they announce you about important changes, updates and events. Most often they are used by social networking websites to announce the new instant messages sent, status and application updates, etc. Using this technology, you'll be the first to know the new information from our website about the Born to Win

What shall I get?

By subscribing to notifications from Natus Vincere, you will get the following information much faster:
  • successes and achievements of our rosters;
  • match results;
  • changes in line-ups;
  • new interviews and articles;
  • special offers from our sponsors and partners;
  • other exciting events, related to Na`Vi.

How to subscribe?


That's very simple! First, follow this link. Then click on "Subscribe" upon getting the request. Done! You'll receive the notifications from Natus Vincere! Note, that there will be no spam. We'll collect only the most reliable and relative information!
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