Na`Vi taking part in joinDOTA Masters!


Our team has been invited to the joinDOTA Masters and will be competing with hopes of grabbing the 1st place title and 1,000 EUR! After our early elimination in The Defense, our team is highly motivated to get back to where they belong and prove once more that they are worth for such an invitation!

image Mousesports haven’t been the most comfortable opponent for us but the last time we met them we managed to get a win in The Premier League Masters.
image SingSing has stated that mouz haven’t practiced much lately, hopefully we can punish their lack of practice and move on to the Semi Finals! It’s a single-elimination bracket – if we lose – we’re out – and if we win we’ll have to meet the winner of the match-up between image CLG and image Darer.

We’re still ranked as #1 on GGnet’s rankings, can we increase the lead? Be sure to watch image Tobi’s stream to find out!






Quarter Finals 13th August 18.00 CET

image Na`Vi [1:0image Infused (image Mouz' replacement)


Semi Finals 14th August 18.00 CET

image Na`Vi [1:0image Darer


Grand Finals 14th August 20.00 CET

image Na`Vi vs image EG

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