Na`Vi to face mouz and eL`Pride today!



Our team will face image eL`Pride and image mouz in just a few hours time! 
Both teams have recently lost their star player, imagePride - image Vigoss and image mouz - image Kuroky. They haven't announced who is going to be their 5th player but image mouz have already been scrimming with image qojva and it looks like he could be the replacement of image KuroKy. Mouz want to stay with a full german squad and qojva is German. On the other hand, losing image Vigoss who's rumoured to join image Empire is a major set back for the team and it will be really hard for the Russians to bounce back without arguably their best (ex) player.
image KuroKy will meet his old teammates today at 21.00 CET, while our team's other match will start a few hours earlier at 18.00 CET. Be sure to tune in to the streams as we know you don't want to miss a Na`Vi game! 

Official stream:
Date: 11th February - 18th March

LAN finals:  4th April - 7th April

League system: 

  • Regular season: Throughout the tournament 120 matches will be played, a win grants you 3 points, a loss - 0. All games are played online.
  • Final phase of the tourney: The finals will be played in Kiev's Cybersport Arena where the top 4 who qualified will battle it out.  Games before the final will be (double elimination) best-of-three whereas the Grand Final will be a best-of-five.
  • All matches in the Group phase are bo1.
Team rosters:

image Na`Vi (Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, Kuroky)
image Empire (Goblak, TBA, Silent, Scandal, blowyourbrain)
image (NS, Crazy-, Santa, Airman Ga Taosenai, kSi)
image eL'Pride (Stalk, Aidash, ANDROIDp, Massacre, XaKoH)
image TCM-gaming (GoAudio, BlueberryNinja, Werne, chw, Quix-)
image FnaticRC (Fly, Era, n0tail, h4nn1, Trixi)
image Mouz (TBA, Black^, Alex, FATA-, paS-)
image DD (CalculuS, LINK, Cr1t, Sockshka, Ryze)
image 3DMAX (Hyac, Ace, Noia, Buller, Hestejoe-Rotten)
image nth (EternaLEnVy, Akke, s4, Loda, AdmiralBulldog)
image aL (MaNia, Merlini, Miracle, miGGel, unicornxoxo)
image 3D (Sharfik, Solo, Dread, L0lik_O, Nexus)
image RoX.KIS (BzzIsPerfect, Sedoy, Stalianer, yol, HardEEv)
image Fota (PrepareForBattle, LLIAPXAH, Zara, DIE, Stelsik)
image 4FC (Noezz, Chrillee, strangby, boomski, eresloco)
image PR (zxc, mooNl1ght, NaniQue, KaHT, ChshrCt)


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