DH Summer 2015 Runner-up: Na`Vi


ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 3, one of the biggest LAN tournaments of the first half of the summer and part of DreamHack Summer 2015, has ended. Our team has made a long way from the very first stage of the tournament. First they defeated Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas and International Burden United, thus entering the final stage of the event.

Yesterday Ukraine Natus Vincere played 2 amazing matches against Sweden Alliance and Russian Federation Virtus.pro, winning both of them and going to the grand-finals. Unfortunately, today things didn't go Ukraine Na`Vi's way. "The Bears" did some hard thinking about their mistakes and were ready to get even.


Grand-final was extremely intense and teams played the possible maximum of 5 games. Ceding 0:2 Ukraine Natus Vincere attempted to snatch victory from Russian Federation Virtus.pro, but stopped 1 step away from succeeding and lost with the final score 2:3. The games turned out to be fascinating. In case you have missed them, we highly recommend you watch the replays.

Ukraine Natus Vincere showed their ability to put up a fight in a very difficult situation and were almost able to achieve the impossible. However, Russian Federation Virtus.pro came first this time. And "Born to win" squad will go home with silver medals, which is also a decent result, considering that only 2 months ago no one would have believed in Ukraine Na`Vi playing in the grand-finals of a big LAN-event as one of the favourites.

There's no need to worry. The International 2015 is coming soon and the opponents will be even stronger, which means that is is now time to have a little rest and start practicing.


Ukraine Natus Vincere VS Russian Federation Virtus.pro


Game 1:

Leaping ahead, it is notable that Russian Federation Virtus.pro had a much better start. Perhaps, one reason for it was the pervious match against Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas, where "the Bears" crushed their opponents 3:0.

"Born to win" were looking lost at the beginning. They decided to deviate from their usual playstyle they were showing yesterday. Their last pick for Ukraine XBOCT was Anti-Mage Anti-Mage. As we all know, this hero is unable to help his team much during the first 20 minutes ot even more. The choice wasn't clear to the spectators, as Russian Federation Virtus.pro had an abundance of control for Ukraine XBOCT in a teamfight. In order for him to be able to fight, he needed at least Manta Style и Black King Bar, which he was trying to farm almost the entire game.

Russian Federation Virtus.pro went very aggressive with their line-up, attempting to end the game as early as possible. And they had all the preconditions for it: they've won 2 out of 3 lanes and earned a significant early game advantage. Not willing to prolong the game, they breached Ukraine Na`Vi's highground at 22 minute mark.

In about a minute Ukraine Na`Vi had a chance to turn the table a little bit, by killing 3 enemy heroes on the rune spot. Getting overly excited, they then went to chase Russian Federation God, who was once again on  Bristleback Bristleback. While chasing him, Russian Federation IllidanSTR managed to ressurrect and get back into the fight thanks to Boots of Travel. As a result, everyone except Ukraine Dendi died on the side of Ukraine Na`Vi. Because of his death, Ukraine XBOCT lost a ton of money.

After that Russian Federation Virtus.pro played much more cautiously and didn't give Ukraine Na`Vi another chance to comeback. On the 28th minute Rosh went down, and 3 minutes later the game was over.



GG WP. Russian FederationVirtus.pro opened the score.


Game 2:

The second game involved some experiments. Despite that, "Born to win" were still looking weaker that their opponents. Russian Federation Virtus.pro's plan for the game was executed by having Silencer Silencer, which didn't allow Ukraine Natus Vincere to initiate properly. Constant hero trades were also working in  Russian Federation VP's favor, since the same Silencer Silencer was gaining extra intelligence after each fight. Russian Federation God was also finding his space on the map. 

With each minute "The Bears" advantage increased. Almost every fight was going their way. By the minute 30 the gap was so big that Russian Federation Virtus.pro were able to end the game with ease.


The score is now 2:0, and Ukraine Natus Vincere and on the verge of giving the series away without a struggle.


Game 3:

On the third map Ukraine Na`Vi had an opportunity to pick Broodmother Broodmother. In the last couple of days Ukraine Funn1k has shown his exceptional skill with the hero. Middle lane was given to Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend. And having 2 farm-dependent heroes, Ukraine XBOCT was forced to play Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner.

Unlike the other teams, Russian Federation Virtus.pro were ready for Broodmother Broodmother. They did everything well against her, from decent picks to smart moves from supports. In the first 15 minutes Gleb died 5 times, showing the opponent's willingness to counter him. The other lanes were also dominated by "The Bears". Ukraine DkPhobos on Clockwerk Clockwerk showed notable performance, scoring 5–0–8 in the same 15 minute period.

On the 20 minute the score was 19:3 in the favor of Russian Federation Virtus.pro. Most of the fans have turned off the broadcast by that time, giving up on Ukraine Na`Vi. However, we know a unique feature of CIS teams: they can get together in the very last moment. And this is exactly what happened in this game. At the 22 minute mark Ukraine Na`Vi managed to kill 4 enemy heroes and get a tower mid. After that Russian Federation Virtus.pro's advantage has suddenly vanished.

On and on, Ukraine Natus Vincere began to snowball out of control. Fight after the fight, they were strengthening the advantage and taking down enemy towers. By the 31 minute Russian Federation Virtus.pro were 8 000 gold behind. They were left no chance to comeback. Even when they seemed to win a fight, Russian Federation SoNNeikO would go in with his Earthshaker Earthshaker and turn everything around.


42 minutes in, Russian Federation Virtus.pro admitted their loss and the score became 2:1. 



Game 4:

The next match was quite similar to the previous one, only with Ukraine Natus Vincere being ahead from the very beginning. Russian Federation Virtus.pro had a range combo of Drow Ranger Drow Ranger + Visage Visage, empowered by Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend and Puck Puck. 

However, Russian Federation IllidanSTR had a hard time on the lane, dying every now and then. The other lanes were also under heavy pressure from the side of Ukraine Na`Vi. Russian Federation Virtus.pro were getting weaker every second. They were unable do do anything with Ukraine XBOCT on Lycan Lycan. By the way, he ended the game with the score 14–1–8.

And as you may have guessed, our team won the map. It took 36 minutes for Russian Federation Virtus.pro to "gg" out. With the score now 2:2 there was one last game to decide the winner.



Game 5:

In the last game of the series Russian Federation Virtus.pro decided to experiment once again, while Ukraine Natus Vincere took their signature heroes. Russian Federation IllidanSTR played Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner, which he has probably not played for God knows how long. Another surprise was first in the series Phoenix Phoenix by Ukraine DkPhobos
At first, Russian Federation Virtus.pro's plan for the game was coming true. They eared an advantage due to their strong early game teamfight heroes. At 20 minute mark "The Bears" had a 7 500 gold lead, which is not decisive, but quite significant.
However, everything has changed after getting Blink Daggers on Russian Federation SoNNeiKo (Earthshaker Earthshaker), Ukraine Dendi (Puck Puck) and Ukraine Funn1k (Sand King Sand King) . Thanks to incredible initiation potential of the aforementioned heroes, Ukraine Na`Vi started finding favourable teamfights, often managing to get rid of an annoying support before the start of the fight. On 22 and 24 minutes "Born to win" started some very good fights, the result of which was complete leveling-off of gold and exp graphs.
On the 26 minute Russian Federation Virtus.pro slained Roshan and gained a bit of momentum. They couldn't however, use the aegis to their advantage and lost 2 of their heros trying to destroy Ukraine Na`Vi's top tower.
The 38 minute fight turned out to be a decisive one. Ukraine Na`Vi and Russian Federation Virtus.pro met near the Rosh pit. Teams' forces appeared to be pretty equal, however, Ukraine Natus Vincere managed to use their ultimates brilliantly and win the fight  4:1 in their favor. They further consolidated the advantage by finishing off Roshan.
Now Ukraine Na`Vi were the ones pushing their opponents. But this time the fight went completely the opposite way.  Ukraine Funn1k didn't get a chance to use his ultimate, while Russian Federation Virtus.pro did everything as they should have. Almost entire squad of Ukraine Na`Vi died, with  Ukraine Dendi being the only exception. The graphs were even equaled out once again.

The next stage of the game started with Roshan's resparn. The beast was instantly killed by Russian Federation Virtus.pro, who then immediately went on to seige their opponent. Nobably, neither team had gold advantage at that moment.
By the 55 minute Russian Federation Virtus.pro found a kill on Russian Federation SoNNeikO, which had no buyback available. This proved to be costly for Ukraine Na`Vi, who had to waste almost all of their available buybacks to stay in the game. Nevertheless, they lost two lanes and Russian Federation Virtus.pro were now far ahead.
The leaders didn't want to rush things and calmly waited to the next Roshan. All the activity died away on the map in this period. Roshan spawned at 64 and Ukraine Natus Vincere decided not to risk and play defensively, while Russian Federation Virtus.pro went for the final push.

In spite of all efforts to defend the base, "Born to win" were unable to stop the push. Russian Federation Virtus.pro won the fight and claimed their vitory, leaving Ukraine Na`Vi with a silver medal.


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