Na`Vi.CS:GO in top-3!


After a couple of months of impressive achievements, our CS:GO team has finally hit the top of world ranking! The last grand LAN-tournament of 2015 contributed to the changes in the top 3 of most powerful teams!


A couple of days ago we witnessed one of the most intense and spectacular grand finals in the history of competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The match between UkraineNatus Vincere and Swedenfnatic at ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 will long be remembered! This was a true confrontation of characters. Each of the players demonstrated his best performance on the map. The style of the Born to Win was the result of hard individual and team work of a long period of time.


One of the best teams of contemporary CS:GO


The result was spotted by the analysts of, who have introduced the changes in top 20 world rating. As a result our CS:GO line-up has reached top 3 of the discipline for the first time!


Our next goal is top 1!


Our team hit top 4 after winning IEM San Jose, followed by FACEIT 2015 Stage 3, in which our players didn't participate. The Winner of FACEIT was Swedenfnatic, which came back to the top of the best teams list after the reshuffle. Impressive performance of our players at ESL ESEA enabled them to overcome such line-ups as Denmarkex-TSM (top 4) and (top5). By the way, the Danes need only 25 scores to catch up with us. In its turn, Na`Vi lacks 49 scores to catch up with FranceEnVyUs, which holds top 2.


After a very intensive Championship, our team will have a break. Let's hope that next year the Born to Win will make even greater achievements, including the top places at MLG Columbus 2016. Let's congratulate UkraineZeus, UkraineEdward, SlovakiaGuardiaN, Russian Federationflamie and Russian Federationseized for their impressive results and express our gratitude for the fantastic performance they've shown us in 2015! Stay with Na`Vi!



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