Na`Vi.CS:GO in top-4!


The brilliant triumph of the Born to Win at the tournament in United StatesSan-Jose resulted in the corresponding adjustments to the ranking of the best CS:GO teams of the world, made by the analysts of  UkraineNatus Vincere reach the top-4 again!


A few weeks ago, we pointed out that the successful performance of our team allowed it to secure the fifth position in the world ranking. Even at that time, UkraineNatus Vincere marched in step with The Poles held the fourth position and showed ambiguous results in the games against top opponents. However, the team managed to stay afloat, mostly because of CEVO Season 8 gold. It seems interesting that this time Swedenfnatic were left out of the top-4. The Swedes dropped two positions in the latest ranking after losing points over the last two months.


We hope to see our team in the top-3 by the end of this year!


One year ago, our guys already occupied the same position in ranking, but eventually lost a few positions. Currently, the team moves ahead with a solid pace, and its results can affect the situation in the top.


Eight victories in the row during the last week: who will be able to stop Na`Vi? (source:


The last month of the passing year will surely bring us lots of emotions as well as the intense clashes of the best CS:GO teams of the world. Let's cheer for our favourite team and follow their progress attentively!



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#1 ee SilmiK 27 November 2015, 18:34
These stats are amazing. I cannot wait to see what you guys are going to show the world from now on :)
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