From the bird's eye view - Episode 2


Episode 2 of our "From the bird's eye view" column is devoted to The International qualifiers with a major focus on Na`Vi and the European qualifiers. The games were amazing and thrilling, so let us all recall the emotions of those days.


Natus Vincere encountered 4Anchors in the winners' semifinal. Dendi was playing the hero, which had brought much damage to his numerous rivals over his pro player career. The reaction of the audience was respective: 
However, Dendi was disappointed for not defeating the anchors with Pudgie: 
None of The Internationals was held without Natus Vincere. Can you imagine it? We don't.
There'll be no TI without Na`Vi
The Alliance fans were devastated upon finding out that their favorite team couldn't make it to TI, though being one of the favorites of the qualifiers:
Briefly about the group stage.
- Does your dog bite?
- No, it hurts you in a very different way.
- Alliance didn't pass to the playoff.
Some analysts and casters aren't always good at remembering the citizenship of the players.
LighTofHeaveNX managed to remember that 4acs are actually the Finns. Small victory.
XBOCT on Gyrocopter is the best remedy for any enemy. "One Rapiery, two Rapiery, Alexander Yurich!" is a popular mem in CIS Dota community now.
One Rapiery, two Rapiery!!!
Akbar is the youngest and the least experienced player of Natus Vincere. Yet he is one of the best players in the team. Who disagrees he saved the game vs 4anchors? Show the guy!
Our CS:GO players support Dota 2 squad!
naaaaaaavvviiiiii what have you done!!!! cool guys, one more game to push!!!!
The victory of Natus Vincere didn't impress popular CIS caster Vitaliy Volochai, who think that the level of the teams participating in the qualifiers is not equal to that of the teams, which have got an invite.
norm, Natus Vincere. let us wait for the games with some serious opponents.
Marchello's answer to the above-mentioned tweet by V1lat: 
He's humiliated all the participants of the qualifiers.
retweeting: "norm, Natus Vincere. let us wait for the games with some serious opponents."
After the game with Vega Squadron in the Grand Final our players were very emotional:
pour us a vodka, we're flying to crash the cabins
pour us a vodka, we're flying for Aegis
Our CEO, Alexander ZeroGravity Kohanovsky, supported our team all the way through The International 2015 qualifiers. You can't perform bad, when such person is looking at you. It's twice as pleasant to celebrate the victory with your boss and hear him saying: "Well done guys!"


Tsygankov Sergey supports his favorite team, Natus Vincere, in a very unusual way.


This is how we watch Na`Vi games.


Let's leave The International qualifiers now and move on to ESEA CS:GO. The official stream put the flag of Slovakia next to Natus Vincere instead of the Ukrainian flag. Perhaps they wanted to pay special respects to our Ladislav Kovacs (the only Slovak in the team).
Well... there's a grain of truth in it :D
Max Ermolaev wasn't the only one, who have spotted that:
Some fans prepare to Dota 2 streams, as if they were about to inhabit an underground bunker. English Dota 2 caster Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden decided to get some sweets before The Summit 3.  
While Natus Vincere were struggling through the qualifiers, Team Empire, which received direct invite to TI, gathered for bootcamp in Kyiv:


Our team lacked the captain at MarsTV Dota 2 League. The community was flaming about it. Nikolay Fedyakin decided to impress his feelings in a creative way:


Where's daddy?

Haha, right!

Where's mom?


Ok, son

Where's ArtStyle?


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