From the bird's eye view - Episode 3


New episode of “From the bird’s eye view” is here with even more interesting tweets! You will see what happened with our Dota 2-squad on their way to TI2015 as well as some real life moments of our CS:GO, HotS and WoT players, UkraineDendi's signature smiles, new tattoos of UkraineZeus and a lot more! 


UkraineNatus Vincere are already in Seattle, ready to compete with the best Dota 2-players of the world. After a long and exhausting flight, our guys were greeted at the airport by Valve staff. Here is the photo. It is amazing how cheerful Ukraine Dendi is! He was smiling throughout entire flight, but turned into a serious guy with an improvised "force staff" at the dinner.



Our reporter Ukraine Yana 'b2ru' Himchenko  has captured the signature smile of one of the most talented Pudge players of the world! This photo has been taken on the way to Seattle. 

Our guys at a restaurant, sitting in the order in which they always play their matches. Ukraine Dendi with his improvised "force staff" is also here!



Natus Vincere decided to take a walk and look around the city. As you can see, the players are always accompanied by our managers and reporters. Take a look at this nice picture of them, taken near famous Seattle Great Wheel.




A few last weeks were very stressful for our players because of American Embassy in Moscow. Nevertheless, after a few unsuccessful attempts, Russian Federation Akbar «SoNNeikO» Butaev finally managed to get his USA visa. Victorious selfie taken by Маrch3llo proves how happy the player was!


They gave us visa.


Meanwhile, Virtus Pro’s analyst Russian FederationYaroslav 'Ns' Kuznetsov left us this message, hinting that he is ready to become UkraineNatus Vincere’s stand-in at The International 2015.

I love @natusvincere!


Xeo found an old photo of UkraineXBOCT that proves that the player was ready to carry and support his team-mates from an early age! 


Carry from an early age!


One of the players of our Heroes of the Storm squad, sePontus «Breez» Sjogren , posted a link to an interesting FranceJayPL’s vlog from DreamHack Valencia. This four-minute video includes best gaming moments as well as things that players did in their free time. 



His teammate bg  ethernal   decided to show his followers which professional gaming devices he prefers to use. 



bg Lyubomir «Splendour» Kozlovski tweeted a link to his new petition. He suggests changing the way Web Blast spell works. You can leave your comment and support our player on reddit.



Russian Federationseized confirmed that all Na'Vi CS:GO players got their American visas and will attend CEVO CS:GO Season 7 finals. We will post coverage of the tournament later on our website!


We've got our visas, have a flight on July 23 :)


UkraineZeus decided to get a new tattoo right before his USA trip. What do you think it is? 


Being tattooed...
Remember Comedy Club? "I`ll have a mickey mouse tattoo. Oh wait! The elephant would look better!"


Professional World of Tanks player, Ukraine Na`Vi.SL1DE, has recently posted an interesting video on his twitter. You can witness 9 amazing E 50 M frags with more than 8 000 damage on Arctic Region map. Take a look!


The first highlight on my channel! Very very interesting...


Natus Vincere designers presented a new speakers in а signature Born to Win color scheme!

Even our new speakers look surprised with how cool they are!


Vitalii Volochai posted a picture with a gift that he received from Valve.


Oppa, Valve gifted me a phone:)


Rostislav Grubi, editor-in-chief on website, posted the best (in his opinion) CS:GO moment of the year. 



Russian FederationVP analyst told his followers a funny story about his The International 2015 trip.


LOL, one guy in London came to us and asked "Ns, Dread can I take a photo with you?"

Ivan told him that he is not Dread. At the second attempt, the guy called him NyawHard. 

March3llo shared his thoughts on why Natus Vincere are popular in esports.  


In my opinion, @natusvincere are known due to their victories.
But they are popular because of how they achieved those victories and how they behaved in public. and SteelSeries congratulated our CS:GO squad on their ESWC 2015 victory!




Thеse were all tweets that we prepared for you today! We tried to choose the best ones among all those interesting things that had been posted on Twitter lately. Next time we will include tweets from our fans from all over the world! Add hashtag #navitwitt so we can find you!

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