From a bird's eye view Ep. 33


Check out the fresh posts of our players and staff on Twitter! Do you know who will be Ukraine Dendi's Valentine? What Russian memes has Sweden Pajkatt learnt so far? What trophy did CISNa`Vi bring from ELEAGUE Major 2017?


The main event of the past week is Ukraine Na`Vi playing at StarLadder i-League Star Series Season 3 qualifiers. Tough the guys didn't make it to the main stage they showed a couple of impressive and promising performances.



At the moment the team is playing at DAC 2017 qualifiers.


Finding the Valentine is no problem anymore. Some Ukraine Natus Vincere guys have found one on Twitter.




Sweden Per Anders Olsson "Pajkatt" Lille has learnt a Russian meme. Though the meme is beyond understanding, we'll make an attempt to explain it to those of you who doesn't know the language. "Dratuti" is a crooked form of "Zdravstvuyte" ("hello" in Russian), with half consonants swollen. It meant to be funny and is considered funny by many Russian-speaking people. 



The organization of ELEAGUE Major 2017 impressed Ukraine Vitaliy "sCOPe" Tarasov.


As per moment #eleague holds first place in my personal tournament ranking. I've seen many of them. Everything is really great, in every detail.


Is Valve trolling? Our players got the winner trophy from ELEAGUE Major 2017. It might be a joke. Or it might happen so that CIS Na`Vi is secretely Valve's favourite.



Another view of the splendid stage.



Again Ukraine Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk decided to give XBox One a try. Will he abandon PlayStation 4?



The new League of Legends roster have shown good performance at Continental League. The guys defeated Russian Federation Gambit.



The manager made his comment on the game.



Media presence is one of important aspects of eSportsmen life. Our players made photos for Riot and their organization.



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