From a bird's eye view episode 4


"From a bird's eye view" episode 4 features the tweets of Natus Vincere Dota 2 players during The International 2015. Additionally, we've collected the tweets, written by the players of CS:GO, HotS and WoT squads, our reporters in Seattle and many others interesting eSports figures!


The main secret of The International is revealed. Ukraine XBOCT has become the coach of Malaysia fnatic! Valve don't confide it to the public, simply stating:



Russian Federation SoNNeikO published the pictures from media day at The International. He managed to take a picture of smiling Ukraine Funn1k. Additionally, he was very serious during the make up before the photo shoot!



During the spare time Ukraine Natus Vincere Dota 2 squad goes to a watching zone. There are many TI participants, casters, reporters and analysts.



Natus Vincere Heroes of the Storm player spoke out his feelings about the brackets of the first European qualifiers of Blizzcon EU Finals. He was very surprized with the seeding.



United Kingdom Snitch, the representative of International SK.HotS answered him. He published Sweden scHwimpi's photo. That's a mem!



Another representative of the Born to Win spoke about Blizzcon qualifiers, arranged by ESL.




Russian Federation seized, CS:GO player of the Born to Win was actively commenting the finals of CEVO Season 7. First he spoke about team's tactics in group stage:



Seized's comments after losing to Poland VP in CEVO finals.

"I have nothing to say. This is our worst luck game, I've ever seen....
to lose so many rounds, which are impossible to lose..."


After CEVO Russian Federation seized came home for 3 day. He was following our Dota 2 squad's performance at The International.



Ukraine Zeus shared his photos, taken during his trips and made video about summer purchases. On the first day of CEVO Season 7 finals he showed the team riding in a bus to MLG Arena (Columbus).



Russian Federation flamie wrote in twitter about CEVO Season 7 final:



Russian Federation Flamie also reposted the picture of HLTV website, about Slovakia GuardiaN at CEVO Season 7:



Our World of Tanks player Ukraine SL1DE recently visited server room of NVIDIA.


I was in server room of NVIDIA in Moscow.


Ukraine Natus Vincere having dinner in Seattle. Where is Ukraine Funn1k? That's a mystery!



Xeo manage to take a picture of Ukraine Dendi's great mood during The International.



"Analytics studio" (Russian: "Cтудии аналитики") representatives watched all the games by Ukraine Natus Vincere at the tournament:



Russian Federation Marchello noticed the progress of our team's performance at the tournament:



Ukraine Dendi made a beautiful ultra kill in a game vs Malaysia fnatic. The representatives of SteelSeries noticed that.



A figure of Pudge was presented to us! It will stand in the main office of Natus Vincere in Kyiv.



Ukraine ArtStyle's top 5 moments in 2015 was published in Ukraine Natus Vincere official twitter. Watch the beautiful frags and unrepeatable style of our captain!



A secret alfatest of Dota 2 Reborn is conducted by Valve in a hidden room during The International 2015. Dendi tries to play Dota 2 from the first person, using a VR helmet.



Our reporter Yana and eSports Head Ugin pretend they're bees or butterflies, as they watch The International.


Ukraine Dendi recorded a beautiful slowmotion movie in Mortal Combat style!



Rising star of SLTV Tonia Predko during The International 5 supports her favorite team by putting on Ukraine Natus Vincere t-shirt!


For those who love statistics, jeyDI has collected and published information about all the first bloods of the first day of The International.



Valve representative take pictures of the Born to Win playing against United StatescompLexity. Dendi smiles most in the team.



Check out the awesome t-shirts of our staff.



Episode 4 is over. So many interesting Tweets have been posted lately. We tried to pick the best for you! In order to get your tweet here use hashtag #navitwitt5!

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